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Letter to Leading Aircraftman Howard Kellehear from Nell, 5 Jan 1942

This is a four-page letter, handwritten on lined paper with four emblems printed along the top edge in red and blue: ACF, RSL, THE SALVATION ARMY and YMCA. It measures 24.7 cm long x 19.6 cm wide.

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Climate and bushfires in Australia

What can science tell us about the major cause of bushfires in Australia's past? How can it help us predict future bushfires? Two scientists discuss evidence related to bushfire regimes (bushfire patterns, types and intensity). Please note that this clip contains recent images of homes destroyed by fire that may disturb ...

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Australian bushfires, past and present

How did firefighters fight bushfires in the past? Watch this short black-and-white clip showing footage of firefighters in action against the 1939 Black Friday bushfires. Find out about the challenge posed by the fires of today.

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Preparing for a bushfire

How should you prepare for a bushfire? Watch this clip to discover how two different families prepared for the 2006 Victorian bushfires that hit their town. Find out how the children participated in the fire plan and helped keep their family and house safe.

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Ecological effects of bushfires

Did you know that Australia is the most flammable continent on Earth? Watch this clip to discover how bushfires impact natural ecosystems, and how the increasing global threat of bushfires may affect Australia. Australian scientists explain the ecological consequences of fire and a US expert describes his concerns for the future.

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Are we approaching the 'age of megafires'? It might sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but some scientists believe there is cause for concern. Watch this clip to find out how bushfires as we know them are changing. Discover why.

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Bushfire disaster, Victoria 2009

Investigate Victoria's devastating bushfires of 2009 and find out why they have been called Australia's worst ever natural disaster. In this clip you will see the ferocious fires that ripped through parts of Victoria, destroying bushland, farms, houses, schools and cars. Find out what made these fires so devastating.

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Fire management strategies

What role do fire-behaviour specialists and ecologists have in fire management? Watch this clip to find out about issues relating to fire management in Australia, in particular prescribed burning.

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Increasing threat of megafires

Many scientists believe we are already experiencing megafires and that they will continue to increase in the future. In this clip you will hear from Australian scientists at the forefront of fire research. Discover what they have to say about the causes, projections, and consequences of an increased megafire threat.

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Bushfires affect river water

Bushfires have a serious impact on forests, but how might they affect the water supply in a major river system? Watch this 2008 clip to find out why bushfires are likely to result in much less water downstream in the Murray-Darling river system. Discover why this is only going to get worse in the future, and learn about ...

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Hotspot spotter wins top robot prize

A team of primary school students demonstrate the national prize-winning robot they invented. They designed this robot to help prevent bushfires by detecting trees in danger of exploding into flames.


National parks: Blue Mountains

This is a colour clip showing the landforms, landscapes, flora and fauna of the five national parks in the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage area in New South Wales. The clip opens with a re-creation of the discovery of the Wollemi pine ('Wollemia nobilis') followed by scenes of tourists, mountain gorges, the gardens ...


Bushfire destroys a house, Tasmania, 1967

This is a black-and-white photograph of Peter and Shirley Gard in Station Lane, Sorell, a small town in south-eastern Tasmania, on 7 February 1967, as their recently renovated weatherboard home is destroyed by a bushfire behind them. The brick chimney of the house can be seen amid the flames. The Gards are standing in the ...


'Around a gum tree', 1949 - asset 5

This is an excerpt from a 1949 black-and-white documentary entitled 'Around a gum tree', narrated by Wilfrid Coad Thomas. It is about Australian life, and is based around different species of gum trees. It was made under the auspices of the Shell Film Unit. The excerpt opens with a man spraying water on a forest fire, then ...


Konrad Dimpel - Burned Out Fields Around My Walking Ways, 2003: The 2003 Canberra bushfires

This clip shows home movie footage of the Canberra bushfire disaster that occurred on 18 January 2003. A reconstructed scene of cinematographer and narrator Konrad Dimpel peering from his study window is followed by actuality footage of the sun glowing in a darkened sky and of the reddish glow of the approaching fires. ...


Black Sunday, 1926: The Black Sunday bushfires

This clip shows black-and-white, silent footage of the Black Sunday bushfires, which swept through the Dandenong Ranges and much of Gippsland, Victoria, on Sunday 14 February 1926. It opens with a series of intertitles that detail the devastation caused by the fire, including the deaths of 31 people. The clip shows forests ...


On Our Selection, 1920: Fighting a fire

This silent black-and-white clip with intertitles shows the Rudd family fighting a bushfire on their selection. The clip opens with the whole family, including the women, fighting the fierce bushfire with tree branches and sticks. Flames reach the fence around their crops and the exhausted 'Dad' tells the family that they ...


Bob Elliston describes the 'Black Tuesday' bushfires, 1967

This is a rare edited sound recording, made in 1967, of 11-year-old Bob Elliston describing his dramatic experience when, two weeks earlier on 7 February, one of the devastating 'Black Tuesday' bushfires had passed through the area of southern Tasmania where he lived. Elliston explains how his family battled to save their ...


'Dreaming Story at Warlugulong' (Warlukurlangu) by Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, 1976

This acrylic painting is a strikingly original work that depicts the Warlukurlangu or Bushfire Dreaming. The concentric circles at the centre of the glowing fire-burst, which conveys the explosive nature of the fire, indicate Warlukurlangu, the place west of Yuendumu where the fire began. The charcoal-grey areas indicate ...

Interactive Resource

CFA: bushfire interactive

This is an interactive resource containing a game, interactive simulations, detailed information and links to other useful information on bushfire readiness, including a downloadable fire plan. It consists of three sections - Fire risk, How a fire behaves and Fire safety - covering topics such as fire danger rating, radiant ...