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Interactive Resource

What is a print?

This is an interactive resource that focuses on different techniques used in printing, including woodcut, etching, lithography and screen printing, each presented with detailed contextual information and a gallery of exhibits. It also includes definitions, interactive demonstrations, a glossary and recommended reading. ...


Apple Macintosh software package - MacWrite and MacPaint, 3 1/2-inch floppy disks, c1985

This is a moulded plastic box containing the Apple Macintosh software products MacWrite and MacPaint. There are also system disks, manuals and other items. 'Macintosh' is printed on some of the objects in the box. The packaging is attractive, protects the items inside and is portable.

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Are you ready for 4D printing?

Have you heard of 4D printing, an extension of the 3D printing process that creates (prints) a 3D computer-designed object in a material such as as metal or plastic? With 4D printing, objects transform or bend themselves into their final shape. Explore this new technology, and discover what activates the morphing. Consider ...

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Throwing off Asia II: woodblock prints of the Sino-Japanese War, 1894-95 - essay by John Dower

This is a historical essay by Professor John Dower about how Japanese woodblock printmakers presented the war between Japan and China to the Japanese public. The highly readable and richly illustrated essay contains five chapters, more than 100 woodblock prints, a map showing the campaigns and several woodcut engravings. ...


Newspaper printing press in action

This is an excerpt from a 1910 silent documentary film entitled 'The Sydney Morning Herald', which shows the printing press of John Fairfax and Sons in Ultimo, Sydney in the early 1900s. The segment begins with an intertitle: 'STARTING UP. THIS MACHINE PRINTS 48,000 8 PAGE PAPERS PER HOUR'. It shows close-up shots of the ...


Roadside posts and samples made from Husk-I-Bond, 2001

These are two roadside guide posts and two samples made from the composite material Husk-I-Bond by Biocon Ricegrowers' Cooperative, New South Wales, in 2001. One of the samples is a flat disk labelled 'BIOCON MANUFACTURING'. The other sample is a short section from a roadside post. Both of the guide posts and one of the ...


Fawkner Press 'forme' with typesetting items, 1850-1900; assembled 2008

This is a printing forme - a box filled with 19th-century type and typesetting items. When the forme is empty the frame is known as a chase. The overall dimensions are: length 35.5 cm, width 53 cm, height 1 cm.


Female shoppers browsing at Coles Department Store, 1950-60

This is a black-and-white image depicting several women looking at merchandise displayed for sale at a Coles Department Store. The merchandise includes cookware, clothing, cosmetics and haberdashery. The photograph is part of the Laurie Richards Collection of commercial photographs at Museum Victoria. Its dimensions are: ...


Melbourne city at night during the Olympic Games, 1956

This is a black-and-white image from the original negative depicting a night-time view of the intersection of Flinders and Swanston streets in Melbourne. Shown here are the Young and Jackson Hotel and a number of shops and offices. Various illuminated advertising signs are visible including 'TUCKER BOX', 'THE ARGUS', and ...


Hot food menu, Old Lolly Shop, Carlton North, c1955-66

This is a retail sign for a hot-food menu, painted in black and red on celluloid. The word 'HOT' is written above a list of the foods and their prices. 'Ready Now' is written at the bottom. The sign is part of the Old Lolly Shop Collection at Museum Victoria. It measures 30 cm long x 16.30 cm wide.


Fawkner printing press, 1838

This video shows curator David Demant talking about John Pascoe Fawkner's printing press on display in Museum Victoria, and its important role in unifying a growing colony. The press was used to print Melbourne's first newspaper in 1838. The video runs for 1 min 55 sec, and includes a painting of John Pascoe Fawkner and ...


Advertising sign for 'Gillespie's Celebrated Buffalo Boots', 1875-1916

This is a point-of-sale advertising sign made for C Gillespie by John Sands Ltd, Sydney, at some time between 1875 and 1916. The sign was displayed at a store run by Sat and Amelia Wong near Crookwell in New South Wales. It is in portrait format on thick card with a light-green background, a colour illustration of a buffalo ...

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Throwing off Asia ll: woodblock prints of the Sino-Japanese War, 1894-95

This is a collection of online materials about how the war between Japan and China was presented to the Japanese public via the medium of woodblock prints. The materials consist of an illustrated essay by Professor John Dower; eight sets of prints presented as visual narratives; an animation of how a woodblock print was ...

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Tokyo modern II: Koizumi Kishio's '100 views' - annotations and gallery, 1928-40

This is a second collection of online materials focusing on the 100 woodblock prints produced between 1928 and 1940 by artist Koizumi Kishio that explore the rebirth of Tokyo in the years following the Great Kanto earthquake of 1923. (See also 'Tokyo modern I'.) This collection comprises: 109 prints, including nine revised ...

Interactive resource

Making a woodblock print, 1935

This is an animated step-by-step demonstration of how lines and colours are successively built up in the process of woodblock printing. It shows the separate images produced by the 20 wooden blocks used in making the colour print entitled ‘Yanagibashi Bridge in the Snow’. The lines of each individual block and the colours ...


'Am I not a man and a brother?', 1837

This is a black-and-white illustration of a kneeling male slave in chains. It appeared on a broadside (a poster, often with a poem or news and sometimes with woodcut illustrations) published in New York. The broadside also featured John Greenleaf Whittier's anti-slavery poem, 'Our countrymen in chains' and two quotations, ...


'Emancipation', c1865

This is an engraving printed in black and rose celebrating the Proclamation of Emancipation by US President Abraham Lincoln on 1 January 1863. The artist, Thomas Nast, has placed a domestic scene of a contented ex-slave family in the centre. Above is the Statue of Freedom, which crowns the dome of the US Capitol; below, ...

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Linocuts of Black, Syme and Spowers

This is a resource about three Australian artists and printmakers of the 1920s and 30s: Dorrit Black, Eveline Syme and Ethel Spowers. It revolves around a video clip featuring Betty Churcher, the former director of the National Gallery of Australia, describing the artists' background and study in England and how their work ...

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It's not a square house

In this interview people talk about how they worked together as part of a community to build their unconventional houses. They describe the influence of Buckminster Fuller, and how they shared ideas and experimented with local building materials. See how they achieved their aim to be self-sufficient and sustainable.

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Friendly robots

Imagine a robot that can work out how you're feeling and give you advice. Meet Matilda and Jack, robots that use software to recognise human emotion from facial expressions. See how they are being trialled with elderly people. Who knows, one day your best friend might be a robot!