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Listed under:  Science  >  Earth and space  >  Earth structure  >  Earth's crust  >  Earth movements  >  Landslides
Interactive Resource

Landslides: Australia - SpatialGenie map layer

This is a map showing the location of landslides in Australia between 1842 and 2001. Students use the spatial visualisation tool, SpatialGenie, to explore the map as spatial data. They can investigate this map alone or add other map layers. Students use shape tools to measure area and distance, and they can also search ...

Teacher resource

Natural hazard risks - teacher resource

This teacher resource describes how students can use the spatial visualisation tool, SpatialGenie to explore the earthquake and landslide hazards before assessing the risk of earth movements in a specified region of Australia. SpatialGenie provides a range of analysis tools that students use to examine above and below ground ...


What is a landslide?

This is an online resource about landslides that is part of a larger resource titled Landslide, and contains two main sections. The first section includes a description of a landslide, a description of various landslide processes and definitions of specific landslide terms. The second section is located on the right-hand ...


Where do landslides occur?

This is an online resource about where landslides occur that contains two main sections. The first section, Where do landslides occur?, provides information about the types of landscapes that are prone to landslides, and landslide locations within Australia. The second section is located on the right-hand side of the screen ...

Teacher resource

Natural disasters

This is a teaching and learning resource containing teacher resources, student activities and worksheets on Earth science topics including natural disasters and geology. The teacher resources include five pages of links to Earth science related websites. The collection of student activities covers a range of topics and ...

Teacher resource

Disaster preparedness

This is a compilation of four teaching sequences about disasters and disaster preparation. It includes sections on types of disasters; their effects on people and the environment; disaster preparation; earthquake preparedness in Indonesia; emergency response; disaster recovery and the causes and consequences of disasters. ...