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Mapping Australia

This collection of 20 digital curriculum resources is organised into six categories - the unknown south land; Australia's coastline as charted by Dutch explorers; Australia's eastern coastline as charted by James Cook; Matthew Flinders's charting of the Australian coastline; Indigenous Australians' maps of country; and ...


The cruise of the Kormoran, 1940-41

This is a nautical chart showing the route of the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran, which was known as 'Raider G'. The chart shows the route the ship took across the Atlantic and Indian oceans during its operations between December 1940 and November 1941. The circles represent the locations of ships the Kormoran either ...


Map of New Holland (Australia), 1787

This is a black-and-white map of Australia (labelled 'NEW HOLLAND') and adjacent countries, printed in 1787. The map is entitled 'CHART OF NEW HOLLAND, with the ADJACENT COUNTRIES and New Discover'd Islands, 1787'. The map shows fine details of the Australian coastline, particularly the eastern coastline. An inset on the ...


An early map of New Holland and 'Terre Australe', 1663

This is a map by Melchisedech Thevenot (c1620-92), showing the northern, western and part of the southern coasts of Australia as they were thought to be at the time. The map includes a section of Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania). The mapped western section of Australia is titled 'HOLLANDIA NOVA' or New Holland, and the uncharted ...


Map of Australia based on surveys by Abel Tasman, 1744

This is a hand-coloured map showing the outline of the western and northern coasts, as well as of part the southern coast, of Australia ('HOLLANDIA NOVA' or New Holland) as they were known at the time. It also shows some areas to the north of Australia, part of the coastline of 'Van Diemens Land' (Tasmania), and part of ...


Map of Australian colonies, c1859-61

This is a hand-coloured map of Australia, printed between about 1859 and 1861, showing boundaries for what were then the colonies of Western Australia, South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. There is an area labelled 'North Australia', which includes the present-day Northern Territory and Queensland within the same ...


Map of Australia, 1753

This is a black-and-white map of Australia (labelled 'NOUVELLE HOLLANDE' or New Holland) and some surrounding areas, by Jacques Nicolas Bellin (1703-72), a French cartographer. The map shows the northern and western coastlines of New Holland (Australia), as well as the only partially charted eastern and southern coastlines. ...


Map of Australian settlements, c1854

This is a hand-coloured map of Australia showing boundaries indicating the settlements and provinces that existed in 1851. In particular, the map shows detailed settlements in Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria, with dates and names indicating when areas were discovered, and by whom. Some of the current names ...


Map of Australia by Matthew Flinders, 1814

This is a highly significant black-and-white map of Australia depicting areas explored by Matthew Flinders between 1798 and 1803. The map is entitled 'GENERAL CHART OF TERRA AUSTRALIS OR AUSTRALIA'. The different ships and routes that Flinders took while charting the coastline of the continent are included, as well as details ...

Moving Image

Travel the seas

This is a video resource describing the use of nautical charts for navigation at sea. The video explains what nautical charts are and how to use them, using authentic charts to point out important features. The video uses animation to explain the coordinate system based on latitude and longitude. It emphasises that coastlines ...