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Listed under:  Arts  >  Visual arts  >  Mixed media

Frank Hurley: The Man Who Made History, 2004: Hurley's composites

This clip shows silent colour and black-and-white archival film footage and still photographs taken by Frank Hurley during the First World War (1914-18). There are also interviews with photographer Stephen Burton and curator Ian Affleck, both from the Australian War Memorial, who provide insight into Hurley's use of photographic ...

Assessment resource

Red balls: assessment

Assess your ability to find the location of two red balls hidden under two of eight possible cups. Select combinations of two cups at a time. You will have six tries to guess the location of the balls. Use the feedback provided to help you. (It will indicate whether there are one, two or no balls in the cup combination you chose.)


Menzies' Wartime Tour, 1941: London, the Blitz

This clip shows scenes - filmed by Robert Menzies, Australia's prime minister at the time - of the night-time bombing of London during the Second World War, and scenes of damage in the city streets the next day. An intertitle, 'LONDON / THE BLITZ / APRIL 16TH. 1941', introduces a night-time scene of burning buildings. Another ...


General Motors Holden - 'Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroos and Holden Cars', c1976

This clip shows a television advertisement from about 1976 for General Motors-Holden's cars. It includes a montage of Australian icons such as the beach, the Australian flag, meat pies, koalas, kangaroos and Australian Rules football. These images are intercut with footage of people driving 1970s Holden cars including the ...

Teacher resource

Who tells the story? - unit of work

In this unit of work students read different versions of popular stories and gain an understanding of how a story can be told from different points of view. They develop character profiles and a digital story based on one of the stories.

Teacher resource

Putting it in perspective - unit of work

This unit of work explores point of view in narrative. Students explore two meanings of the term 'point of view': personal point of view and narrative point of view. They learn about first-person and third-person omniscient point of view in narrative, and differentiate between 'narrator' and 'author'. Students then bring ...


The Food Lovers' Guide to Australia, 2004: A new life in Australia

This clip shows Sri Lankan chef and restaurateur Channa Dassanayaka working in a kitchen and talking about his passion for food and the memories that aromas trigger for him. Channa discusses his mother and ancestors in Sri Lanka as major influences in his life and explains that his mother, a Sri Lankan politician, sent ...


The Canberra Files, 2006: Menzies's Home Movies

This clip shows home-movie footage mainly taken by former prime minister Sir Robert Menzies during the Second World War. It documents the 1941 wartime tour made by Menzies to Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Jerusalem, Britain, the USA and Canada. The clip features dramatic colour footage of London during the Blitz, showing bombed ...


Catalyst - Genius of Junk, 2003: Junk into gold

This clip shows Dr Graeme Suthers, a genetic pathologist, and Dr Mervyn Jacobson, founder and executive chairman of Genetic Technologies, a company that owns patents for the use of so-called 'junk DNA', expressing opposing views on the patenting of this material. Dr Suthers argues that in the interests of all people these ...


Masterpiece Special - Robyn Davidson, 1996: The writer's craft

This clip shows part of an interview with the Australian writer Robyn Davidson conducted by Andrea Stretton, arts journalist and television presenter. Davidson talks about the writer's craft and the role of memory and imagination in writing, especially in relation to her book 'Tracks'. The interview takes place in a studio ...

Interactive Resource


This is an interactive resource that focuses on creating collage artworks using a library of five backgrounds and different shaped cut-outs, and applying various editing techniques such as changing the size and the position of the shape, the opacity of the shape, and using the draw function, layering and repitition. It ...


Alighiero Boetti: game plan

This is an online resource that focuses on presenting the artworks of Italian artist, Alighiero Boetti from the 2012 exhibition Alighiero Boetti: game plan. It features thumbnails of all of the works in the exhibition, which can be selected to enlarge the images and provide information about each specific artwork including ...

Teacher resource

Arts dialogue - Kosuke Ikeda and Alicia King

This is an online module consisting of teacher notes, three stimulus resources and student activities that explore collaborative arts programmes between Australian and the countries of Asia using the examples of the Asialink residents, visual artists, Kosuke Ikeda and Alicia King. The teacher notes provide additional online ...

Teacher resource

Significant Individuals - Frank Hurley

In this learning activity, students explore the work of James Francis 'Frank' Hurley and his photographic documentation of historical events. These include the Antarctic expeditions of Mawson and Shackleton, World War I and World War II. Students use primary source material and their own research to prepare an interview ...

Interactive Resource

Big battles!

Students explore music and dance through body percussion and singing as they learn the story of the unicorn and lion's big battle. They create a collage artwork using images of lions and unicorns that they can find.