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Cabbage white butterfly

This is an information sheet on the cabbage white butterfly ('Pieris rapae') with description, distribution, habitat, host plant and images. The information sheet is available as a PDF for download.


Pest animals

This collection of 21 digital curriculum resources focuses on pest animals currently affecting the Australian and New Zealand environments. It is organised into three categories - environmental pests, economic pests and human nuisance pests. Images and videos depict some common pest animals as well as some more localised ...


Lorry loaded with dead rabbits, c1918

This is a black-and-white photograph measuring 15.1 cm x 20.4 cm, showing a lorry loaded with 1,760 pairs of dead rabbits being driven from a depot to the nearest railway station. It was taken in about 1918 in New South Wales. The photograph is attributed to the Country Freezing Company Limited. Printed in white at the ...


Rabbit fumigator, Orange, 1966

This is a black-and-white photograph taken at the Australian National Field Days show in Orange, New South Wales, in October 1966. A demonstration is being given of a 'Deckson' rabbit fumigator. Exhaust fumes from the machine are being fed into a simulated rabbit warren at one entrance and emerging as smoke at another. ...


Rabbit fence cartoon, 1884

This black-and-white cartoon satirises Queensland parliamentarian John Stevenson's suggestion that a fence be built on the New South Wales border to stop an expected invasion of rabbits. It depicts a low wire fence that four rabbits are using as a tennis net. Other rabbits leap over the fence and hop in the background. ...


Henry Lane Ace rabbit trap, 1935-60

This is a rusted Ace rabbit trap manufactured from steel by Henry Lane, Newcastle, sometime between 1935 and 1960. It consists of a pair of jaws (92 mm wide) held closed by spring tension and a triggering mechanism. The base, the stock bar, is a bar of steel bent over to form a powerful bow spring. At the end of the spring ...


'Australian Rabbiter, NSW', 1880-1900

This full plate glass negative was taken by Henry King at an unknown location at some stage between 1880 and 1900. The silver gelatin dry plate glass negative in landscape format depicts a man in a cart on a dirt track with his dog under the cart. Across the back of the cart hang rabbit carcasses. The man in the cart seems ...


Life stages of the European wasp

This is an information sheet about the egg, larval, pupal and adult stages of the European wasp, 'Vespula germanica'. It also describes what happens to the wasp population over the course of the year.


European wasps as pests in Australia

This is an information sheet that describes why European wasps are pests in Australia, the health effects their stings can have, and the recommended first aid for stings.


Wood borers

This is an information sheet on the various types of wood borers. Borers are grouped as 'good borers', which cause limited damage, and 'bad borers', which can cause major structural damage. The sheet describes the beetles, their biology and the type of damage they cause, and provides images.


European wasps in Australia

This website explores the problematic history of the European wasp in Australia.

Moving Image

Animal recognition system

We have all heard of human face recognition systems, but have you heard of animal recognition technology? Watch this clip to discover how an 'animal recognition gate' is being used to separate the sheep from the goats. Find out how this innovative application of a popular technology might help farmers manage pest animals ...

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Growing apples

Do you like eating apples? This clip shows where apples are grown. Learn how the apple farmer (orchardist) looks after the apple trees so they can grow lots of healthy fruit.

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Books that changed the world: 'Silent Spring'

Have you ever thought that a book could be so powerful that it could change the world? Discover how the biologist Rachel Carson's book 'Silent Spring' led to the banning of toxic agricultural chemicals and launched the modern environment movement.


Representing Australia's farmers

What image comes to mind when you think of Australia's (Australian) famers? The media often shows farmers facing drought, floods and even locust plagues. Such media reports often portray farmers as 'Aussie Battlers' who are struggling in a challenging environment. As you watch, consider how farmers are represented in this report.

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Hawkesbury River: competing needs and river health

Why is the Hawkesbury-Nepean river catchment a useful example for an exploration of river management issues? The needs of agriculture, horticulture and fishing are balanced with the maintenance of river health. In this clip, see how farmers and local landcare groups work with the catchment management authority to remove ...

Interactive resource

Kanji whiz

Explore the structures of kanji on balloons, kites or hanetsuki (shuttlecocks). Match structures to simple or compound kanji choosing from three, six or ten structures. Identify the structures correctly to earn points. Build your knowledge of kanji components and structures by checking meanings and spoken readings. Try ...


Jewel of the Pacific, 1932: The rat's tale

This black-and-white clip from a travelogue on Lord Howe Island features scenes of a rat hunt for a 'sixpence a tail' bounty. Filmmaker Frank Hurley's animated narration and his plays on words add humour to footage that provides detailed observations of a rat hunt by two women and their dogs as well as close-ups of two ...


Rabbit-Proof Fence, 2002: The wrong fence

This clip depicts the children trying to return home. It opens with Mr Neville (Kenneth Branagh) in his office pointing to a map and telling a policeman the plan to capture the escaped children by sending one man from the north and another from the south along the rabbit-proof fence. Images of an Indigenous tracker on horseback ...


Rabbit plagues in 19th- and 20th-century Australia

This is a collection of 17 digital curriculum resources focusing on the rabbit problem in Australia between their introduction in the mid-19th century and the end of the 20th century. It is organised into three categories - rabbits in plague proportions; attempts to control rabbits; and the uses made of rabbits. It includes ...