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A telegraph line across the continent, 2007

This video clip looks at the story of the struggle to cross a vast continent and build the telegraph line that would bring Australia to the world and the world to Australia. 'A telegraph line across the continent' is an excerpt from the film 'A Wire Through the Heart' (55 min), the third episode of the three-part series ...


Pipe dreams, 2007: O'Connor's dream for water

This clip is an excerpt from the 2007 film 'Pipe dreams' (55 min), the second episode of a three-part series entitled 'Constructing Australia'. Over black-and-white photographs and dramatised video of the key players, a narrator describes the significant challenges of supplying water to the WA goldfields in the late 19th ...


Ross Smith's flight from London to Australia, 1919: Approaching Sydney

This black-and-white silent clip shows footage of the approach towards Sydney of the Australian aviators Ross and Keith Smith and their crew in 1919, having successfully completed a flight from London to Australia, and the welcome they received on landing. The clip opens with two crew members looking at the scene ahead ...


Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, 1934

This black-and-white photograph shows the pioneering Australian aviator, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith. It is cropped from a larger photograph showing him standing and wearing a full-length leather coat. The image presents a lean Kingsford Smith wearing the trademark uniform of an aviator - coat, flying cap and goggles. He ...


Dr Victor Chang's artificial heart valve, 1991

This enlarged colour photograph shows the artificial heart valve pioneered by Dr Victor Chang (Yam Him). Known as the St Vincent's Heart Valve, it is seen from the front and shows a pivoting disc surrounded by a thin metal exterior. It is held between gloved fingertips in front of what appears to be a diagnostic computerised ...


Free selectors

This collection of ten digital curriculum resources about free selectors in Australia is organised into two categories - free selectors on their selections and free selectors portrayed in film. Photographs and a painting show selector families working to clear their selections and posing in front of the houses they have ...


Explorers in colonial Australia

This is a collection of 22 digital curriculum resources focusing on the exploration of Australia during the colonial period. The collection is organised into eight categories - colonists' ignorance of Australia's geography; exploring the Australian coast; crossing the Blue Mountains; exploring south-west of Sydney; exploring ...


Colonial South Australia

This is a collection of 24 digital curriculum resources focusing on the foundation of South Australia and its development in the colonial era. It is organised into seven categories - early years of the colony; migrating to the colony; settling in South Australia; developing the colony; exploring the colony; changing boundaries; ...


'Kitchen at the old King Street bakery'

This is an oil painting on canvas (50.6 cm x 61.2 cm) showing the kitchen area of the family home in which the artist, Frederick McCubbin, (1855-1917) was born. It is a functional space, as evidenced by the kettle set on a glowing fire; a teacup and saucer on a wooden table next to a chair; and various utensils including ...


'Splitters', 1865

This is a coloured print, measuring 19.4 cm x 25.2 cm, by the famous colonial artist Samuel Thomas Gill (1818-80), published in 'The Australian Sketchbook' in 1865. It shows two splitters cutting slabs from the felled trunk of a tree using wedges and mallets. A bullock dray stands nearby, stacked high with slabs, and the ...


Wright brothers flying their 'Model A' plane, 1908

This is an excerpt from 'Flying', a black-and-white silent documentary about the history of flight, made in about 1927. The excerpt features the famous US pioneer aviators Wilbur and Orville Wright. The opening sequence shows the brothers' 'Model A' aeroplane at the Le Mans racing track in France in 1908, surrounded by ...


Pilot sets speed record, 1911 - asset 1

This is an excerpt from a 1945 Movietone News compilation of old footage of early flights. The excerpt shows silent black-and-white newsreel footage that begins with a newspaper article entitled 'SPLENDID FLIGHTS BY MR HART AT PENRITH' and with the intertitle '1911. W.E. Hart, Australia's First Pilot, Speeds 40 miles [about ...


Pilot sets speed record, 1911 - asset 2

This is an excerpt from a 1945 Movietone News compilation of old footage of early flights. The excerpt shows footage from a silent black-and-white newsreel about W E Hart, Australia's first pilot, who flew 40 miles (about 64 km) from Penrith to Sydney in 65 minutes in 1911. The clip starts with footage of three men climbing ...


Portrait photograph of John Stannage, c1944

This is a black-and-white photographic portrait showing John Stannage, taken in about 1944. John Stannage was Charles Kingsford Smith’s radio operator on the ‘Southern Cross’ for many of its pioneering voyages, including the first nonstop flight from Australia to New Zealand across the Tasman Sea in May 1935. The photograph ...


Paddy Hannan, 'Kalgoorlie's Pioneer', 1899

This is a black-and-white photograph of an illuminated presentation showing images of Paddy Hannan, who found gold at Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, in 1893. The presentation includes Paddy Hannan's Miner's Right surrounded by illustrations of Paddy Hannan and life on the gold fields. An inscription on the presentation ...


Clara Saunders - a pioneer of Coolgardie, 1894

This is a black-and-white portrait photograph of a young girl named Clara Saunders. It was taken about 1894 at the Exchange Hotel in Coolgardie, where she was working.. She rests her arm on a book placed on a table in front of a photographic studio backdrop. She is dressed in a formal gown with lace on the yoke and sleeves. ...


Splendid Fellows, 1934: A ride in the old bus

This clip shows Mr and Mrs McBride (Frank Bradley and Peggy Ross) and their daughter Eileen (Isabelle Mahon), English aristocrat Lord Hubert Montmorency Ralston (Frank Leighton) and Ralston's manservant Thompson (Les Franklyn) at Sydney's Mascot Airport where they have arrived to meet the 'flying parson' (Eric Colman). ...


'Kingsford Smith, Aussie is proud of you', 1928

This is a song celebrating the achievement of Charles Kingsford Smith and the crew of the 'Southern Cross' in becoming the first to cross the Pacific by air. The song was written by Jack O'Hagan and performed by Len Maurice. It was recorded on 7 June 1928 and is 2 minutes 18 seconds long.


Heritage, 1935: 'White gold of Australia'

This black-and-white clip is from a feature film promoting a future for Australia based upon the pioneering mythology of the country's early settlement. The clip opens with an argument between an engaged couple, Frank (Franklyn Bennett) and Biddy (Peggy Maquire), about where they will live. The scene dissolves to one showing ...


Conquest, 1936: The man of the land

This clip shows part of a 1930s cinema advertisement for the Rural Bank of New South Wales that tells a dramatised story of how the land was conquered by settlers. It opens with a scene of a district pioneer, Jim Stanley, being invited by Bank representatives to tell the story of the 'man of the land'. The rest of the clip ...