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TV soap opera actors, 1967

This is a black-and-white photograph taken in 1967 of two actors in the television soap opera, 'Bellbird'. Raymond Westwell played the part of Gregory Wrexell, a librarian, and Joan MacArthur played Adeline Phillips, the town gossip. They are standing in the set of a kitchen at the Ripponlea television studios of the Australian ...


Lizzy Gardiner's Story of the Fame Game, 1997: 'Not a career'

This clip shows former 'Neighbours' star Ashley Paske talking about the difficulties he encountered pursuing an acting career after he left the television soap opera. Paske describes how he went to London and worked in theatre, but he found acting hard work with long stints of unemployment and little money. Paske says he ...


Lizzy Gardiner's Story of the Fame Game, 1997: 'Multiple personalities'

This clip shows John Holmes, head of drama at the Seven Network, being interviewed by filmmaker Lizzy Gardiner. Holmes claims that the stars of 'Home and Away' are heavily promoted because of the importance of the serial to the Network's prime-time schedule. The clip features an interview with Isla Fisher, who appeared ...


Oscar Whitbread looks back at 'Bellbird', 2005

This is an edited sound recording of Oscar Whitbread, one of the producers of the first successful Australian television soap opera, 'Bellbird'. Whitbread describes the production schedule and crews for the show at the time the first episodes were made, in Melbourne in the late 1960s. He also discusses the attitude to the ...