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Joan Winch, 2003: Indigenous health workers

This clip is an excerpt from 'Joan Winch' (26 min), an episode of 'Australian biography' series 9, produced in 2003. In the clip Joan Winch - a Nyungar-Martujarra Elder, nurse, midwife, academic and educator - talks about setting up an Aboriginal health workers' program in Western Australia. She asked the community to nominate ...

Teacher resource

Life in the Great Depression - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea uses film and firsthand accounts of the Great Depression to help students empathise with people who lived through this difficult period. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.


Fire Guardians, 1932: A fire emergency

This black-and-white clip from 1932 shows a re-creation of the New South Wales Fire Brigade fighting a large fire and then returning home. The firefighters train their hoses high. They are filmed from different vantage points within the burning shell of the building. Music swells as the firemen, seemingly unaffected by ...

Teacher resource

What a disaster - unit of work

Students investigate and explain how the landscape is shaped by nature, and the difference between a 'harmless' event and one that is termed a 'disaster'. They investigate the cause and effects of a particular phenomenon and offer an explanation of these. They also develop advertising materials for implementing emergency ...


Flying doctor service, 1928

This is a black-and-white photograph, taken in 1928, that shows a pilot preparing to take off in a single-engine biplane. He is dressed in a light-coloured shirt and shorts and is wearing a pilot's helmet with enclosed earphones. A door towards the front of the plane is open, revealing the compartment in which passengers, ...


Chinese proclamation tablet, 1889

This is a black-and-white photograph of a sandalwood tablet measuring 183 cm x 72 cm. The tablet is covered in gesso (plaster of Paris) and gilded gold leaf, embossed with images of birds and foliage, and enclosed in a carved wooden frame (not visible in this image). The Chinese characters are printed in black and the main ...


Scenes from the Great Depression, c1930s - asset 1

This is a clip from black-and-white silent documentary footage of unknown origin. It shows women queuing, possibly in Melbourne, to receive bedding during the Great Depression (1929-38).


The Leaving of Liverpool, 1992: A new life

This clip, set in Liverpool, England, in the 1950s, shows an official at an orphanage addressing a group of children. He asks the children if they would like to keep the 'British flag flying' in distant lands and if they are 'ready for an adventure'. The children are instructed to form into three groups, depending on whether ...


A Brief Survey of the Activities of the Brisbane City Mission, c1939: Shelter, food and clothing

This clip from a black-and-white sponsored film shows 1930s footage of slum dwellings in Brisbane, including corrugated iron shacks and terrace houses with 'rooms to let' signs, a group of men queuing and jostling for food parcels and women donating and receiving clothes at the Brisbane City Mission. The voice-over narration ...


The Foundation 1963-1977: Raising the Foundation

This clip shows interviews with Indigenous activists Joyce Clague, Charles (Chicka) Dixon and others, who discuss the services the Foundation for Aboriginal Affairs provided for Indigenous Australians, particularly those who had just moved to Sydney, and how they raised the funds for the organisation. The footage begins ...


Indigenous people at Lake Tyers mission, c1900

This black-and-white posed photograph shows Indigenous men, women and children at Lake Tyers mission in Gippsland, Victoria, in about 1900. It has been taken out of doors with the group placed in front of a large tree and some shrubs. There are ten men, four women and several infants and children. All are wearing Western-style ...

Moving Image

The different faces of Indonesia

Journey through Indonesia, our most populous neighbour - a nation of contradictions. Through the images in this clip, discover more about the people and the land, including population size, living conditions, education, internal migration, natural disasters, land management and international aid. How does Indonesia differ ...


Dennis Tamini fire truck, 1932

This is a Dennis Tamini fire truck with a four-cylinder overhead-valve engine, made by Dennis Bros, England, in 1932. The exterior of the truck is painted red with gold trim decoration. The front of the truck comprises a box-shaped grille with a pair of circular fog lights and arching wheel covers. On either side are a ...


Australian surfboat used by North Curl Curl lifesavers, 1972

This is a single-ender surfboat, the Nola Hubbard, constructed in 1972 in New South Wales and used by the North Curl Curl Surf Life Saving Club. It is made of cedar, silver ash and plywood, and has a brass keel band. The unused oars shown here are stored on top of four wooden bench seats. The name has been painted in yellow ...


Flyer about the New South Wales smoking bans in hotels and clubs, 2005

This is a single A5 page information flyer 'NSW Govt Smoking Bans: Frequently Asked Questions' published in 2005 by the Golden Barley Hotel, in Enmore, NSW. It is printed in black on one side of a white paper sheet. The 'No Smoking' logo and the Golden Barley Hotel logo are printed either side of the heading. Questions ...


'Sycamore Civil and Military Helicopter' booklet, 1956

This is an illustrated 20-page booklet produced by the Bristol Aeroplane Company in 1956 to promote the Sycamore helicopter, one of the earliest commercially successful British helicopter designs. Instructional diagrams and mostly black-and-white photographs are included, and some colour is used in both text and illustrations.


Housemaid's white linen cap, c1900

This is a white linen housemaid's cap, also called a mob cap. It is circular and gathered around the face with an internal strap, also of white linen, for fastening the cap around the head. The cap is 32 cm long.


Psychiatric patient's padded cap, c1900

This is a double-layered cap made with strong khaki-coloured cotton as the outer lining and wool as the inner lining; it has kapok for padding and cotton straps on the top and both sides. It has been roughly constructed or repaired with black machine stitch around its lower edge. The cap is 26 cm long and 11 cm wide.


World AIDS Day lapel pin, c1990s

This is an enamelled metal pin featuring a black outer circle inscribed with the words 'WORLD AIDS DAY' and an inner section in the shape of a red folded ribbon with a safety pin at the top. On the reverse there is a small safety stud for fastening the pin to one's lapel. The diameter of the pin is 2.9 cm.


Truck presented to Salvation Army, outside Brunswick Town Hall, c1942

This is a sepia photograph showing a Salvation Army Chevrolet truck with loudspeaker, presented by the City of Brunswick Patriotic Fund to the Salvation Army in about 1942. A man in Salvation Army uniform and a man in a suit stand in front of the truck. The image is a digital scan of the original photograph.