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Apple II software program - VisiCalc, 5 1/4-inch floppy disk, 1981

This is the cover of a folder containing VisiCalc, the world's first electronic spreadsheet program for personal computers. Text on the cover reads: 'VISICALC / INSTANTLY CALCULATING "ELECTRONIC" WORKSHEET' at the top and 'VISICORP / PERSONAL SOFTWARE' at the bottom. There are also examples of calculations the program could ...

Teacher resource

TIMES Module 22: Number and Algebra: consumer arithmetic - teacher guide

This is a 23-page guide for teachers, providing an introduction to the financial mathematics component of the number and algebra strands for years 9 and 10. A brief history of the concept of money concludes the module.

Teacher resource

Data representation and interpretation using scatterplots - teacher resource

This resource is a professional learning package designed for pre-service teachers. It demonstrates and investigates the interrelated content, pedagogy and technology knowledge used in a series of mathematics lessons that focus on looking for a relationship between two variables. The resource provides video footage of a ...

Interactive Resource

Sites2See: Spreadsheets for mathematics

A page with example resources, exemplars and advice to help integrate spreadsheet use in teaching and learning for mathematics. Includes suggestions for use, tutorials and information on research and benefits, plus links to a range of related resources, including a teacher guide for using Microsoft Excel in the classroom. ...

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Determining the probability of a good day for sowing cotton

This activity is a series of three related tasks that support the use of spreadsheets (Excel), Venn diagrams and two-way tables to develop an understanding of conditional probability when used to determine the probability of a farmer being able to sow a cotton crop. The activity is, based on real historical soil and air ...