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Types of assessment

The teacher leads a discussion with graduate teachers of assessment strategies and ways to move from theoretical knowledge to practical application in the classroom. The group discusses diagnostic, formative and summative assessment and talks about ways to distinguish between each approach.

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Science by doing: Assessment

This professional learning module focusses on assessment techniques and practice in science teaching and learning. It explores diagnostic, formative and summative assessment, multiple tools and techniques for assessment and how to plan for assessing student learning. The module consists of a DVD that demonstrates opportunities ...

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Teaching film as text

The teacher uses formative assessment data to adjust her learning and teaching programs. If students have grasped key concepts already there is no need to teach the concepts again even though she has planned to do so in the lesson sequence. Conversely, if students have not fully understood key concepts, then she adapts ...

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Moderating student work

Here a Year 1 teacher works with a colleague to analyse a sample of student work. The teachers identify the strengths and areas for improvement in writing and set learning foci and instructional teaching strategies for future learning.

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Moderating worksamples

The teacher works with her colleague to review their students’ achievements in a ‘real world’ numeracy task. She leads a discussion, analysis and interpretation of student work samples, identifying how and why students have or have not been able to grasp the key mathematical concept underpinning the lessons. The moderation ...

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Assessment rubrics: learning strategy

This professional learning resource provides examples of generic and tailored assessment rubrics. The rubrics support the inquiry-based learning approach of the Digital curriculum resources in science project. For this learning strategy, teachers incorporate key criteria for a student activity in a matrix that allows for ...

Teacher resource

Doing science investigations: teacher guide

This is a teacher guide that provides an overview of lessons covering the Science Inquiry Skills strand of the Australian Curriculum: Science for years 7 to 10. It includes worksheets and assessment suggestions. The resource supports teachers to enable students develop the skills necessary to complete their own open-ended ...


Doing science investigations: student guide

This is a student guide that contains information and hands-on inquiry activities for the Science Inquiry Skills strand of the Australian Curriculum: Science for years 7 to 10. It includes scaffolding in the form of worksheets to support the choice of investigation question and planning, conducting and evaluating a student ...

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Intel teach elements: assessment in 21st century classrooms

This is an interactive professional learning course about planning, developing and managing ongoing, student-centred assessment. It demonstrates how to use contemporary assessment practices to assess 21st century skills and stimulate engagement and learning. It shows teachers how to use and manage increased levels of assessment ...

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Tracking student progress

A teacher of senior English describes the assessment moderation processes used at her school. These processes are used to achieve greater consistency in grading student assessment tasks. With practice in assessment moderation, she and her staff have found that the accuracy of their grading of student work has improved. ...

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Using ICT to teach Languages

In this Year 12 language class, ICT is used as a diagnostic tool to informally assess students understanding of the vocabulary required for an oral assessment. The teacher draws on students’ prior knowledge and understanding with the use of ICT. With the use of hand-held devices and an interactive whiteboard, she is able ...

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Assessment tool initiative

In this Technology and Applied Science (TAS) meeting, colleagues discuss the ambiguity surrounding current assessment marking strategies used within the faculty and review a new marking model proposed by a colleague. They apply the new model to an existing curriculum activity to gather feedback with the intention of trialing ...

Teacher resource

Team teaching moderation

The teacher works with a colleague to moderate students’ work after a summative assessment task in order to make consistent and comparable judgements about students and their learning. As they team-teach a Year 3 and 4 mathematics class, the moderation of student work is key to providing students with consistent feedback ...

Moving Image

Dog optimism

Have you ever wondered how your dog views the world? Optimism and pessimism are often thought to be human traits but do animals express them too? In this clip an Australian researcher uses a machine she invented to try and determine whether these dogs are optimists or pessimists. Have a look and see if you can work out ...

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Linking school targets to classroom practice

This teacher resource describes a successful whole-school approach by Rosemeadow Public School in New South Wales to enhance the reading and comprehension skills of years 3-6 students. Assessment for learning was used to identify desired results, develop whole-school targets, devise a reading and comprehension rubric, adjust ...

Teacher resource

Changing the culture: a numeracy tutorial program

This teacher resource describes strategies used to improve numeracy outcomes for Foundation to year 6 students at Carey Baptist College, Perth. The strategies include a numeracy assessment tool developed by a maths curriculum coordinator to identify students who needed to improve their understanding of measurement and number. ...

Teacher resource

Making a positive difference in numeracy

This teacher resource describes strategies used in a whole-school initiative to improve numeracy outcomes in Two Wells Primary School, South Australia. Strategies include: using a numeracy coach to help implement the Big Ideas in Number program (Siemon 2006); using diagnostic tools to identify students needing numeracy ...

Teacher resource

Numeracy improvement at Wallaroo Mines Primary School

This teacher resource describes strategies used in a whole-school initiative to improve numeracy outcomes in Wallaroo Mines Primary School, South Australia. The school used a coaching strategy - along with the Big Ideas in Number strategy (Siemon 2006). The strategies included diagnostic tools, teacher professional learning, ...

Teacher resource

The Hume Region Numeracy Strategy at Seymour College

This teacher resource describes strategies used to improve number fluency for Foundation to year 6 students at Seymour College, Victoria, using an approach based on the Hume Region Numeracy Strategy 2008-09. The strategies include collecting data using the Hume Numeracy Assessment Tool along with individual interviews, ...

Teacher resource

Using visual tools to assist low achievers with mental computation

This teacher resource describes a case study investigating the use of visual tools to enhance mental computation by year 4 students who achieved poor results on the National Assessment Program - Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) numeracy test, at St Monica's Primary School, Canberra. The method section describes the use of ...