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Interactive resource

Exploring occupations

Look at factors important in choosing a career such as daily tasks, working conditions, earnings, personal requirements, related jobs and training needs. Examine the job requirements of a flight attendant. For example, flight attendants do shift work, work in a confined space, interact with a lot of people, must follow ...

Interactive resource

Exploring industries

Look at the range of jobs in the seafood industry and related industry sectors. Trace the career path of an aquaculture technician. Look at her reasons for choosing the industry and studying certificate and diploma courses. Answer questions about career planning. For example, identify advantages of looking at a broad range ...

Interactive resource

Exploring education and training pathways

Trace the career path of a telecommunications technician. Look at the steps she took to achieve her goals. For example, she did a VET course at school and chose subjects linked to a career path in electrotechnology. Answer questions about career planning such as the scope of a New Apprenticeship.

Interactive resource

Career quiz: more than just a job

Answer questions about jobs and career development. For example, identify an informal education activity. Score points for correct answers and collect bonus stars as you move around a board. Play on your own or compete against another player.


Girls in a domestic arts class, 1929

This is a black-and-white photograph taken in 1929 of schoolgirls working in the laundry at Thebarton Technical High School in Adelaide, South Australia. The photograph shows the girls wearing caps and work smocks over their clothes. Some of the girls are using washboards and a wringer while others are ironing. The photograph ...


Boys in a metalwork class, 1945

This is a black-and-white photograph taken in 1945 of schoolboys using lathes in a metalwork class at Thebarton Technical High School in Adelaide, South Australia. The photograph was developed from a glass negative that could have been one of three sizes, 8.9 cm x 14.0 cm, 16.5 cm x 21.6 cm or 25.4 cm x 30.5 cm.


Kalgoorlie, gold town, 1949 - asset 2

This is an excerpt from a black-and-white film made for the Australian National Film Board in 1949 for inclusion in the Australia Presents series titled 'Goldtown'. It begins with young men leaving the Kalgoorlie School of Mines then cuts to a car pulling up outside the Gold Exchange. Two men each carry a gold ingot into ...


Brides of Christ, 1991: The possibility of divorce and remarriage

This clip shows a class at the fictitious Santo Spirito Convent School where the Catholic church's position on divorce and remarriage is being examined. A nervous Frances (Naomi Watts) asks her teacher Sister Agnes (Brenda Fricker) about the Roman Catholic stance on divorce and remarriage and is then interrogated about ...


Riding a horse to school, 1928

This posed 1928 black-and-white photograph shows five girls on a horse on their way to the Glass Mountains State School, as it was known at the time, in Queensland. The girls are pressed together from the base of the horse's neck to its rump. They wear hats and hold their school cases. The horse has a bridle and one girl ...


First day of teaching at Mount Beppo State School, 1910

This black-and-white photograph, taken on Ruth Pook's first day of teaching, shows the unlined classroom of Mount Beppo State School in Queensland, including two teachers and 35 students. The teachers are each supervising students in half of the room. Students sit at six long desks. Younger students at the front use slates ...

Interactive Resource


This is a multi-pathway interactive resource that enables students to assess and enhance their literacy and numeracy readiness for VET Certificate I and II courses in Tourism and Hospitality. The resource provides a range of online tools and resources that enable teachers and trainers to diagnose student literacy and numeracy ...

Interactive Resource

MoneySmart: Delivering ASIC's Be MoneySmart VET modules

This professional development module is for teachers, trainers and community educators using ASIC's Be MoneySmart resource for vocational education. The module is designed to help you: gain a detailed knowledge and understanding of ASIC's Be MoneySmart resource; understand how the program maps to the unit of competency ...

Interactive Resource

Leadership development

The Leadership Development program is designed to support Indigenous students preparing to enter the world of work. Films and interviews feature stories of successful Indigenous people and focus explicitly on teaching core employability skills such as communication, teamwork, enterprise and problem solving. Resources are ...

Interactive Resource

Opencourses Hub

The hub provides access to a wide range of resources developed to support remote Indigenous students. The resources employ multimodal learning frameworks to improve student engagement and overcome literacy barriers in order to provide a positive learning experience for Year 8 – 12 students while building students' self-confidence ...