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Characterisation in debates

Students learn how to use characterisation and descriptive language in debating.


Crafting persuasive arguments

Develop persuasive arguments for a primary debate using the PEEL model.


Discovering definitions

Learn how to define the topic in a primary school debate.


Marvellous mechanisms

Students develop skills in how to use mechanisms in a debate.


Roles and rules of debating

Students explore debating rules and the role of each speaker.


Perspectives on Kamay

This resource explores the perspectives of the Aboriginal people of Kamay Botany Bay and the men aboard the HMB Endeavour upon their meeting in 1770. It will also help students to understand the history of Australia's Aboriginal peoples and why their stories of the past are equally important to hear. Note to Aboriginal ...


Considering responsibility in debates

Students learn how to discuss responsibility when debating.


That's debatable

Learn how to construct an effective rebuttal for a primary debate.


Deep diving into definitions

Explore definitions in debating from the negative team's perspective.


Best manners

Develop student confidence in speaking in a debate.


Activity: coal-fired class debate

This is a web resource about reducing reliance on coal-fired power that provides a student activity accompanied by a teacher guide. It describes a class activity in which students debate the best way to reduce reliance on coal as a source of electricity. The activity requires students to research supporting evidence based ...


Strictly Speaking

A public speaking resource including videos of student speeches, interviews, adjudicator comments, adults talking about their public speaking experiences, and support activities.