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  • Scootle Lounge

    Scootle Lounge

    Bell Shakespeare: Regional teacher mentorship offers 30 teachers from regional, rural and remote Australian primary and secondary schools a fully funded, year-long mentorship with Bell Shakespeare. Read our latest blog post to learn more. Image credit: Clare Hawley

  • Digital Technologies Hub

    Digital Technologies Hub

    An open and free site, the Digital Technologies Hub supports Australian teachers, students and school communities to engage with the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. It offers a range of resources, learning sequences, and case studies.

  • Student Wellbeing Hub

    Student Wellbeing Hub

    The Student Wellbeing Hub helps schools to build and sustain positive, respectful and supportive teaching and learning environments. The site provides a framework and resources to enhance student safety and wellbeing. It also features best-practice case studies and interviews with experts.

  • Learning Potential Resources

    Learning Potential Resources

    This open and free website provides a range of online and offline literacy and numeracy activities, games and videos for parents and carers to use at home with primary school students.

  • SCIS Data

    SCIS Data

    We recently launched our new system, found at features include richer search capabilities, new vocabularies, online cataloguing requests, ease of download for print and digital content, and online invoicing and payments. For an overview of the new system, please watch our short video.

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