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Visual Arts / Year 7 and 8 / Presenting and performing

Curriculum content descriptions

curate and present examples of their visual arts practice to accompany exhibits of their artworks to communicate ideas, perspectives and/or meaning to audiences (AC9AVA8P01)

  • creating a webpage, walkthrough, presentation or other document to connect geographically distanced audiences with a visual arts showcase
  • working together to identify/select a space within the school for showing their works, considering who in the community might see their works, or why it could be valuable for others to see their work
  • visiting and evaluating exhibitions of work in galleries, museums or community sites and developing responses to exhibitions of work in written, oral or multimedia explanations or reviews, digital forms of presentations or in verbal/vocal discussions
  • making a themed series of artworks to be displayed in the class or via the school intranet; considering the relationships between each of the artworks and the space in which they are to be displayed using Viewpoints to develop questions such as, “How can I create a visual narrative through the groupings of these artworks?”, “Does the audience need space to view this artwork or do I want to draw them in close?”, “How does this artwork relate to the space that it will be displayed in?”
  • creating visual art labels for an exhibition/showcase; for example, researching a variety of art gallery labels and using findings to plan and write a label with the artist’s name, materials, year, and information about how the task was approached and what the artwork is about
  • describing the artistic vision of artists from different contexts, cultures, times and places, particularly referencing the meaning that their artworks convey
  • using hex editors to explore information included in encrypted artworks and create their own encrypted information in their own artworks to communicate ideas, perspectives and/or meaning to audience
General capabilities
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and Creative Thinking
ScOT terms

Art exhibitions,  Audiences,  Visual arts,  Exhibits

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