Civics and Citizenship 7-10 / Year 10 / Skills / Questioning and researching

Curriculum content descriptions

locate, select and compare information, data¬†and ideas¬†from a range of sources (AC9HC10S02)

  • locating print and online sources to investigate a contemporary global political, legal or civic issue, selecting varying and conflicting points of view in relation to the issue, such as the success of exchange programs or Australias commitment to its international legal obligations
  • using digital programs and survey and polling apps to conduct surveys on a political issue, such as a specific policy proposal, and analysing the research results to determine the range of views or support
  • exploring traditional and social media texts for stereotypes, over-generalisation and misrepresentation, such as those related to how cultural groups such as recent immigrants are represented in the media
  • comparing the varying policies of different political groups on an issue such as mining, climate change, services for rural communities, or refugees
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and Creative Thinking
ScOT terms

Evaluation,  Data collection,  Information literacy


Utopian Monologues

In this teaching activity, students are introduced to the idea of a “utopia”—an idealized society. Students will read Sir Thomas More’s Utopia and examine the concepts behind his vision of an ideal society. Students then compare the ideas in Utopia with those found in the Bill of Rights. They will then write and perform ...


The Australian Dream: Resilience and reconciliation

This clip looks at casual racism in Australia, including some infamous incidents throughout Adam Goodes’s playing career that shook the nation. Adam showed a great deal of resilience and courage throughout this difficult time. Look at how many Australians stood with Adam, letting him know they valued his leadership and ...


Australia's population: countries of birth - dataset

The dataset provides statistics about the estimated resident population, median age and sex ratio by countries of birth for the latest year of available data. It is periodically updated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The dataset is included in the list of related datasets on the page in MS Excel format.


Australian reported crime victims since 2010 - dataset

This is a dataset that provides statistics about crimes reported by victims from 2010 to the latest year of available data. It is periodically updated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The dataset is in MS Excel format.


Aboriginal change makers

Aboriginal history, self-determination and identity are examined in this teaching and learning eBook. The book draws on the lived experience of First Nations peoples drawing on historical record, cultural protocols and community connections to explore perspectives on traditional culture and leadership in the face of colonisation. ...


Magna Carta: The story of our freedom

This is a resource about the Magna Carta (Great Charter) agreed between King John and his rebellious barons in 1215 and its influence on the development of human rights and democratic freedoms to the present day. The resource consists of: an animated infographic ‘Tell the story’ with hyperlinks to further information; an ...