Economics and Business 7-10 / Year 7 / Skills / Questioning and researching

Curriculum content descriptions

develop questions to investigate a contemporary economic and business issue (AC9HE7S01)

  • developing questions to form the basis of an investigation; for example, “How does an understanding of consumer rights and responsibilities impact on decision-making?” and “What are the attributes of an entrepreneur?”
  • developing questions, using economic and business concepts and terms; for example, “How do businesses decide what to produce?”, “What is economic scarcity?” and “Why can individuals not have all the items they want, meaning they must choose?”
General capabilities
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Literacy Literacy
ScOT terms

Inquiry-based learning,  Research questions


Growing Exotic Fruit - a niche farming enterprise

This unit of work uses the operation of an small agribusiness to explore what it means to be a producer in a small scale business. The unit focuses on the operation of a real-life, exotic fruit farm in northern New South Wales from which fruits are sold to local markets. The units provides five inquiry-based activities ...


Australia's Trade through Time

Using an interactive timeline created by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, this Teacher guide provides 12 series of learning experiences that engage students in the analysis and interpretation of data about Australian trade from 1900 to the present day. Students study videos, tables, images and texts in order ...