Geography 7-10 / Year 7 / Skills / Communicating

Curriculum content descriptions

create descriptions, explanations and responses, using geographical knowledge and methods, concepts, terms and reference sources (AC9HG7S06)

  • creating a description that connects the audience to the topic and uses geographical concepts and terms to provide accurate information about a preferred strategy; for example, planning liveable streets and sustainable cities in Australia and Europe
  • constructing an explanation, using research findings to support ideas; for example, data on water usage over time and at different places; information about liveability indexes for different places in Australia and Europe
  • developing conclusions, using geographical methods to represent data and information; for example, a map showing water usage and a map indicating water scarcity in Australia; a map representing places where liveability is difficult and dangerous due to environmental factors
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
ScOT terms

Referencing,  Data representation,  Evidence,  Word meanings,  Creating texts


Tsunami lesson plan resources

The tsunami lesson plan provides teachers and students, especially in remote coastal areas, with an opportunity to investigate how tsunami happen and how to stay safe if a tsunami occurs. The downloadable PDF includes lesson plans. student assignments based on case studies, as well as background information on tsunamis, ...


Renewable sources of energy

This is a worksheet consisting of a blank data table designed for students to record information resulting from their research into renewable energy resources. It specifies the types of energy resources to be investigated and suggests topics for research focus.


CFA Bushfires - a geography resource for Australian students

This is an illustrated PDF with comprehensive information about the causes and behaviours of bushfire as well as the impact fires have on natural and human environments. Taking a geographic perspective, the text is supported with photographs, maps, aerial photography, diagrams, and tables. Each chapter includes activities ...


IEA Key World Energy Statistics - iTunes app

Explore global energy statistics including data on the production, supply, consumption and prices of the major energy sources. Select specific countries, energy sources and indicators, and view data in tables and graphs. Includes also energy forecast data and historical comparison, and a comprehensive glossary. Free when ...


Is it all your own work? Navigating copyright

This resource provides teachers and students with an overview of some of the issues when using other people's intellectual property or copyrighted works. The resource provides an overview of copyright, permissions and Creative Commons licensing; a student quiz (with answers) based on real-life scenarios; and a Copyright ...


Rainforest: read a brochure

Read a six-page brochure about the climate of a temperate rainforest in Victoria. Look at maps of Australia showing patterns of temperature and rainfall. Find out what clothing to bring and how to get to the rainforest from the airport. As you go, look up the meaning of tricky words.


Sustainable Agriculture- Water management

This is a unit of work about the regeneration and sustainable management of a mixed family farm and the natural watercourse that flows through it. Focusing on Yan Yan Gurt West farm in Victoria, the unit takes the form of a geographical case study with a sequence of six student activities. They include: an introductory ...