Health and Physical Education / Year 1 and 2 / Personal, social and community health / Interacting with others

Curriculum content descriptions

identify how different situations influence emotional responses (AC9HP2P03)

  • recognising own emotions and demonstrating ways to manage how they express their emotions in different situations
  • exploring self-regulation strategies to manage emotional responses
  • identifying situations that may trigger strong emotional responses in themselves and others, and recognising the impact the responses can have on others
  • identifying how someone might feel, think and act during an emergency through role-play and imaginative play
  • predicting how a person or character might be feeling based on the words they use, their facial expressions and body language
  • recognising how self and others are feeling in a range of situations
General capabilities
  • Ethical understanding Ethical understanding
  • Personal and social capability Personal and Social capability
ScOT terms

Emotions,  Communication skills

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