French / Year 7 and 8 / Understanding language and culture / Understanding systems of language

Curriculum content descriptions

compare French language structures and features with English, using familiar metalanguage (AC9LF8EU03)

  • discussing aspects of grammar using metalanguage in English or French, for example, noun/nom, verb/verbe, adjective/adjectif, pronoun/pronon, article/article, subject/sujet, object/objet, tense/temps

  • describing the differences in word order using correct grammatical terms (inverted word order for questions, placement of adjectives, subject+verb+object)
  • comparing expressions of formality in French and English such as names, titles, familiar or formal terms of address such as Salut, Leila, ├ža va? Bonjour, Madame Michou, comment allez-vous?

  • explaining language used online, la langue texto (SMS language), for example, MDR = mort de rire, koi 2 9? = Quoi de neuf?

  • comparing language from a variety of sources (music, video clips, articles, books, etc.) to explore differences in communicative style and expression between social groups (les ados, les profs, les tout-petits, etc.)

General capabilities
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural Understanding
ScOT terms

Register (Language),  Loanwords,  Language usage,  Grammar,  French language,  Metalanguage

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