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Mathematics / Year 4 / Number

Curriculum content descriptions

find equivalent representations of fractions using related denominators and make connections between fractions and decimal notation (AC9M4N03)

  • extending fraction families within collections of materials; for example, by seeing \(\frac34\) as \(3\) in each \(4\), showing this within related fractions like \(\frac68\) or seeing that \(\frac25\) means \(2\) in each \(5\) so it can be shown within \(\frac4{10}\)
  • creating models of equivalent fractions by subdividing capacity measures into smaller fractions; for example, half a cup of flour could be shown as two-quarters or four-eighths of a cup of flour
  • folding paper to show equivalence between different fractions; for example, folding A4 paper in half and half again, repeating to form eighths and demonstrating that \(\frac48\) = \(\frac24\) = \(\frac12\); folding paper strips into fifths and tenths, and recording as both fractions and decimals
  • identifying and using the connection between fractions of metres and decimals; for example, finding \(\frac14\) of a metre and connecting this to \(0.25\) metres or \(25\) centimetres, or finding \(\frac1{10}\) of a metre and connecting this with \(0.10\) metres or \(10\) centimetres
  • using array diagrams to show the relationship between fractions and division and multiplication of natural numbers; for example, \(3 \times 4 = 12\), \(12 รท 4 = 3\), \(\frac14\) of \(12\) is \(3\), \(\frac13\) of \(12\) is \(4\)
General capabilities
  • Numeracy Numeracy
ScOT terms

Related denominators,  Decimals,  Equivalent fractions


Fraction basics - Easy & Effective Fractions Tutor - iTunes app

Learn about the core concepts of fractions through 12 animated clips. View the clips on the topic that you want to learn about. These clips will help build a string foundation in fractions. Free when reviewed on 12/5/2015.


reSolve: Authentic Problems: Expanded Square

This sequence of four lessons explores concepts around informal area and symmetry. Students design an 'expanded square' where approximately half the area of the original square is flipped to the outside. The lessons provide opportunities for students to devise and use methods to informally measure area, record their mathematical ...


MoneySmart: How much love can fit into a shoebox?

This is a year 4 mathematics unit of work about preparing a 'shoebox of love', a gift-filled shoebox to be sent to a child in need. The unit is intended to take about 11 hours of teaching and learning time. It consists of an introduction, seven student activities and teacher notes on curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. ...


Sites2See – number for primary

Selected links to a range of interactive online resources for the study of number in Foundation to Year 6 Mathematics.


What is a quarter?

What is a quarter? You get quarters when you divide a whole into four equal parts. Each one of these four parts is a quarter. Watch this great explainer produced by Monique in collaboration with ABC Splash and see how she explains quarters.


reSolve: Authentic Problems: 10000 Centicubes

This sequence of four lessons integrates content in number and measurement to deepen students' understanding and confidence working with larger numbers. Students work flexibly with numbers up to 10 000 as they determine suitable dimensions for a container that can hold 10 000 centicubes. They are challenged to plan, construct ...


Decimaster: match-up 1

Explore ways of representing decimals using mathematical notation and visual tools. Match a decimal fraction between 0 and 1 such as 0.7. Adjust units on an area representation and a common fraction. Match three decimals with each tool.


The foul food maker: go figure

This tutorial is suitable for use with a screen reader. It explains how the use of simple words can describe the likelihood of everyday events. How likely is an event: certain, likely, equal chance, unlikely or certainly not? Answer some questions using these words and then build your own examples. Learn how to describe ...


Cassowary ecology quiz

Explore facts about the life of cassowaries: physical characteristics; diet; habitat; life cycles; and locations. Interact with graphs to see how much people can help cassowaries. Work through ecology notes and resources. Answer questions as you go; express your answers as fractions. This learning object is one in a series ...


Wishball: hundredths

Test your understanding of decimal place value with numbers that include hundredths. Receive a starting number, such as 46.87, and work towards turning it into a target number, such as 85.32. Spin a random digit, choose its decimal place value and decide whether to add or subtract the random digit from your starting number. ...


Fractions in the real world

How many quarters make up a whole? Watch this video to find out how else you can represent 2/4 and how to add up quarters to make a whole.


Summing Decimals

An interactive resource in which students learn how to add and subtract numbers that have up to two decimal places.