Mathematics / Year 7 / Number

Curriculum content descriptions

round decimals to a given accuracy appropriate to the context and use appropriate rounding and estimation to check the reasonableness of solutions (AC9M7N05)

  • identifying the interval between a pair of consecutive integers that includes a given rational number
  • choosing and applying conventions for rounding correct to a specified number of decimal places based upon the context
  • checking that the accuracy of rounding is suitable for context and purpose, such as the amount of paint required and cost estimate for renovating a house; for example, purchasing \(2\) litres of paint to paint the bedroom even though \(1.89\) litres is the exact answer or estimating a renovation budget to the nearest \(\$100\)
General capabilities
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Numeracy Numeracy
ScOT terms

Estimation,  Decimals,  Rounding

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