Science / Year 3 / Science inquiry / Evaluating

Curriculum content descriptions

compare findings with those of others, consider if investigations were fair, identify questions for further investigation and draw conclusions (AC9S3I05)

  • comparing findings, such as about best insulators, with those of others and identifying further questions based on differences in findings
  • discussing the factors that make investigations fair and evaluating the fairness of their own and others’ investigations
  • drawing conclusions based on consideration of their own and others’ findings
  • identifying further questions for investigation based on observations, differences in findings or new ideas
General capabilities
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Literacy Literacy

Biodiversity – sustainability action process (Years 3–6)

This biodiversity learning resource guides students through an extended school based investigation. Students develop and implement a chosen sustainability action and then evaluate and reflect on their success and their learning.


MoneySmart: The house of needs and wants

This is a unit of work integrating aspects of the mathematics, English and science curriculums around planning a school breakfast. The unit was written for year 3 and is intended to take about 12 hours. It consists of 11 student activities supported by teacher notes on curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. Student activities ...


Every drop counts, being water wise!

This activity aims to explore water usage and water saving ideas. Every drop counts! OUTCOMES are for children to: understand the importance of water; look at ways to help save water; and undertake a water audit.