Dance / Foundation to Year 2

Curriculum content descriptions

Use fundamental movement skills to develop technical skills when practising dance sequences (ACADAM002)

  • practising and responding to a range of fundamental movements to music, for example, walking, running, marching, galloping, skipping, crawling (locomotor); bending, stretching, twisting, turning (non-locomotor)
  • practising fundamental movements to begin to develop technical skills of body control, posture, strength, balance and coordination, and responding to teacher’s feedback
  • Considering viewpoints – meanings and interpretations: For example – How are you communicating the ideas or intention in this dance? forms and elements: Which levels are you using in your dance?
  • developing awareness of and taking responsibility for safe dance practices, for example, being aware of self and others in the dance space, moving with care, respecting others dancing in the space; awareness of the boundaries of the dance space; awareness of their bodies’ needs, for example, getting a drink after dance activities for hydration
  • recognising and accepting a teacher’s or classmates’ constructive feedback
ScOT terms

Fundamental movement skills,  Movement sequences


The Wild West

Students learn about the Wild West through creative arts. They explore dance and music with simple movement combinations and clapping to a beat. They also create a sunset landscape artwork.


Dinosaur dig

Students learn about the world of dinosaurs through creative arts. They explore elements of dance to develop coordination skills through movement and actions, as well as music and drama to create characters. They also create a dinosaur themed artwork.


Disco dancing

Explore the elements of dance to develop locomotor and non-locomotor movement skills, disco style shapes and expressive qualities.


Be a friend

Explore dance, drama and visual arts through different elements of friendship.


Autumn leaves

Explore dance, art and music through a song about Autumn leaves. Make some art works, dance like a leaf and learn to play the song on a keyboard instrument.


Classroom warm up activities

This sequence of guided dance warm-up videos is led by The Australian Ballet’s Dance Education Ensemble. The videos are designed to get students moving and encourage safe dance practice in the classroom. The videos are self-explanatory and can be used in sequence or individually as part of movement based activities in dance ...