Drama / Foundation to Year 2

Curriculum content descriptions

Use voice, facial expression, movement and space to imagine and establish role and situation (ACADRM028)

  • communicating verbally by using the voice to explore and show role and situation
  • communicating non-verbally by using facial expression and movement to explore and show role and situation
  • practising movement within a space to create the difference between their performance space and the audience space
  • manipulating objects, puppets, 2D images and available technologies to create stories
ScOT terms

Role-playing,  Facial expressions,  Performance space,  Imagined situations

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Play, wonder, create: drama contexts in early childhood - teacher resource

This resource for teachers provides a series of experiences to introduce students in Foundation to year 2 to drama. Part one is a 'getting started in drama' toolkit with techniques, tools, activities and a start-up lesson that leads students into the creation of a puppet play to explain the mystery of an abandoned bear. ...