Drama / Year 3 and 4

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Curriculum content descriptions

Use voice, body, movement and language to sustain role and relationships and create dramatic action with a sense of time and place (ACADRM032)

  • experimenting with the loudness/softness, pace and pitch of their voices to create roles and situations, time and place
  • varying their facial expressions and movements to create roles and situations
  • exploring roles and situations by trialling the use of language, such as choice of words, expressions and tone
  • developing sensory and spatial awareness when creating dramatic action
  • experimenting with body language and gesture from different cultures and times
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
ScOT terms

Plots (Stories),  Characters (Acting)


Blast off! Life in space - teacher resource

This teacher resource is a comprehensive sequence of teacher ideas and student activities that support the arts curriculum in drama and dance, using ideas about space exploration, the universe and the life of an astronaut as stimulus. It includes a link to the video 'Blast off with NASA astronaut Rex Walheim'. This video ...


Big battles!

Students explore music and dance through body percussion and singing as they learn the story of the unicorn and lion's big battle. They create a collage artwork using images of lions and unicorns that they can find.


Join the circus

Learn about different circus skills and create a short performance.