Visual arts / Year 7 and 8

Curriculum content descriptions

Develop planning skills for art-making by exploring techniques and processes used by different artists (ACAVAM120)

  • imagining and refining their visual and spatial representations of the world, combining a variety of technologies
  • problem-solving and predicting outcomes with increasing confidence to expand their repertoire of visual arts practices and skills, for example, designing a mural for a local space
  • Considering viewpoints – societies and cultures: For example – How does the context of time and place, culture and ideology influence the look and meaning of art in public spaces?
  • developing and refining practical and technical skills when designing, fabricating and constructing visual arts images and objects, employing safe and sustainable practices
  • annotating their own and others’ art making intentions through, for example, keeping a written or digital journal, or portfolio
General capabilities
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
ScOT terms

Composition (Visual arts),  Visual arts portfolios


Vivid Sydney – 77 Million Paintings

A series of video interviews with Nick Robertson about Brian Eno's '77 Million Paintings' installation, which was part of an exhibition in Vivid Sydney 2009. The resource includes clips of the installation.


Refugees welcome here

This resource embeds the use of online collaboration tools and 21st century learning skills in a student-centered hands-on project designed to welcome refugees into their community. The syllabus outcomes are aligned to NSW Stage 4 English, Geography or Visual Arts but this could be used with older or younger students by ...


Stories without words

Learn how Australian story-teller, artist and academy award winner, Shaun Tan uses emotive illustrations to tell a story. You will also create your own character and tell a story using illustration.


Australian collection

This database features a selection of Australian artworks from QAGOMA. The searchable database provides artwork images, background information about the artist and the artwork, classroom activities, a glossary of key terms and curriculum alignment information for teachers. Search results can be refined by theme, period, ...


Indigenous Australian collection

This federated search from the QAGOMA database features a selection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artworks from the collection. The searchable database provides artwork images, background information about the artist and the artwork, a map of major Indigenous regions in Australia, classroom activities, a glossary ...