Visual arts / Year 7 and 8

Curriculum content descriptions

Practise techniques and processes to enhance representation of ideas in their art-making (ACAVAM121)

  • reflecting, adjusting, modifying and evaluating their own artwork through consistent critical assessment, and refining intentions and viewpoints when making, responding to and displaying artworks
  • Considering viewpoints – histories: For example – How did one artist influence the work of another? What is your favourite art style? When and where did it originate?
  • extending technical competence when using selected techniques, such as printmaking, brush techniques in painting, digital editing, shaping 3D forms
  • researching widely to find the most appropriate sources of information about visual arts skills, use of materials, traditional and contemporary styles, display options, and sources for ideas when developing their own artwork
  • demonstrating awareness of safe studio practices, for example, designing safety posters, or producing film clips
General capabilities
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
ScOT terms

Composition (Visual arts),  Symbols


Brushes Redux - iTunes app

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Indigenous Australian collection

This federated search from the QAGOMA database features a selection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artworks from the collection. The searchable database provides artwork images, background information about the artist and the artwork, a map of major Indigenous regions in Australia, classroom activities, a glossary ...


Australian collection

This database features a selection of Australian artworks from QAGOMA. The searchable database provides artwork images, background information about the artist and the artwork, classroom activities, a glossary of key terms and curriculum alignment information for teachers. Search results can be refined by theme, period, ...