English / Foundation / Literacy / Creating texts

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Curriculum content descriptions

Produce some lower case and upper case letters using learned letter formations (ACELY1653)

  • adopting correct posture and pencil grip
  • learning to produce simple handwriting movements
  • following clear demonstrations of how to construct each letter (for example where to start; which direction to write)
  • learning to construct lower case letters and to combine these into words
  • learning to construct some upper case letters
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
ScOT terms



BlobbleWriteHD - iTunes app

Learn to construct lower case letters and digits. Choose a letter to practise and choose a pen colour. Copy the blobble characters as they trace out the strokes to write the letters. The red dot shows you where to start. Free when reviewed 5/6/15.


Syllabus bites: types of sentences

A web page resource with information, teacher guides and activities on types of sentences to support the Australian Curriculum in English K–10. It has detailed activities, links to resources and quizzes.


Lego Spelling! An English Lesson Plan that will have your kids building words in no time.

This activity uses Lego blocks to help children form a connection between the sounds they hear in words and the letters used to phonetically spell words. It is targeted at Foundation, but as you will see, is easily adaptable to multiple year levels.