Economics and business / Year 10 / Economics and Business Skills / Interpretation and analysis

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Curriculum content descriptions

Analyse data and information in different formats to explain cause-and-effect relationships, make predictions and illustrate alternative perspectives (ACHES057)

  • categorising and interpreting data and information collected into a form that shows multiple perspectives around an issue/event
  • interpreting a range of measures of economic performance and standards of living to identify differences within and between economies
  • explaining relationships identified in data (for example, the relationship between standards of living, infant mortality and access to health services)
  • analysing information to make informed choices (for example, when purchasing goods and services)
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Numeracy Numeracy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Ethical understanding Ethical understanding
ScOT terms

Trend analysis


Australia's Trade through Time

Using an interactive timeline created by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, this Teacher guide provides 12 series of learning experiences that engage students in the analysis and interpretation of data about Australian trade from 1900 to the present day. Students study videos, tables, images and texts in order ...


From Citrus to almonds

This is a unit of work about the Australian almond industry. It contains a inquiry sequence that includes: background on the almond industry, a short case study of an Australian almond orchard that has transitioned from citrus to almonds; an data analysis activity exploring the growth of the Australian almond industry and ...