Arabic / Year 9 and 10 / Understanding / Language variation and change

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Curriculum content descriptions

Reflect on the dynamic nature of language, relating it to constantly changing environments and cultural conditions such as contact with other languages and cultures and changing circumstances in local and global contexts

[Key concepts: communication, influence, power of language, changing environment; Key processes: investigating, examining, analysing, explaining, reflecting]


  • recognising that language changes over time, for example, by viewing classical and contemporary Arabic films and comparing how certain ideas and concepts are differently represented through the language used
  • examining how English is influencing and modifying Arabic language use in particular settings, for example, in the entertainment industry, such as in films and television programs; in online contexts; and in language used to express global concepts such as الدّيمقراطيّة؛ الّليبراليّة
  • considering how moving between Modern Standard Arabic and regional dialects reflects personal, social and political histories and changing contexts
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural understanding
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
  • ICT capability Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability
ScOT terms

Arabic language,  Language evolution

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