Framework for Aboriginal Languages and Torres Strait Islander Languages / Year 3 to 6 / Understanding / Language awareness

Curriculum content descriptions

Explore the language situation of language communities and the diversity of language contexts in Australia

[Key concepts: change, sign, context; Key processes: recognising, discussing, investigating]


  • investigating the nature and state of health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages across Australia and in their region
  • recognising that many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are multilingual, and discussing reasons for this
  • learning about the current language situation in the language: its state of health, the nature of the speech community and generational differences, and discussing reasons for these characteristics
  • recognising that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages are in various states of maintenance, development and revival, and investigating the diversity of historical causes for this
  • recognising how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages have been transmitted and recorded across generations
  • exploring how physical and biological environments affect linguistic ecology
  • recognising shared vocabulary across Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, and understanding why there might be variations in spelling
  • recognising dialectal differences and similarities within languages
  • investigating ways in which Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages are used in the local region and in the wider Australian community, for example, in the media, in art galleries, festivals, on public transport
General capabilities
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities
ScOT terms

Australian languages

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