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Recognise that Hindi has evolved and developed through different periods of influence by other languages and cultures

[Key concepts: language contact, language change, globalisation; Key processes: observing, analysing, discussing, reflecting]


  • understanding key influences and stages of development of Hindi over time and through different cultural influences
  • exploring the relationship between Hindi and English across different historical and cultural contexts up to today
  • identifying changes to contemporary forms of Hindi due to the influence of globalisation, technology and intercultural relationships
  • identifying Hindi words derived from other languages, such as चश्मा, borrowed from Persian, क्षेत्र directly from Sanskrit versus खेत from Hindi via Pali/Prakrit
  • recognising the influence of Sanskrit on Hindi and other languages, for example, by identifying Sanskrit words adopted and adapted in different ways in different languages
  • identifying influences from other languages in their own/their family’s use of Hindi, for example, the use of terms associated with social media, popular culture and technology स्क्रीन, माउस
  • understanding that all languages change in response to changing circumstances, for example, the addition of new terms for new inventions or experiences, word-borrowing from other languages or, as in the case of Aboriginal languages and Torres Strait Islander languages, the reversal of language loss through revival and retrieval programs
General capabilities
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural understanding
Cross-curriculum priorities
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