Italian / Year 9 and 10 / Understanding / Language variation and change

Curriculum content descriptions

Analyse lexical and grammatical choices made in a range of texts in different contexts to develop an understanding that language use varies in the contexts of situation and culture (ACLITU130)

  • analysing the appropriateness of language choices for a given context and purpose according to age, relationship and gender, for example, the context of use for phrases such as non mi va as compared to non mi piace
  • analysing differences in communicative style between formal and informal interactions, for example, Come va? Come stai?
  • noticing changes in style, lexicon and grammatical structures, observing how the same facts may be communicated differently by different people in different contexts, for example, describing a school assignment (Non sono stato/a promosso/a; Sono stato/a bocciato/a)
General capabilities
  • Literacy Literacy
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Intercultural understanding Intercultural understanding
ScOT terms

Grammar,  Register (Language),  Italian language

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