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Science / Year 1 / Science as a Human Endeavour / Use and influence of science

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Curriculum content descriptions

People use science in their daily lives, including when caring for their environment and living things (ACSHE022)

  • considering how science is used in activities such as cooking, fishing, transport, sport, medicine and caring for plants and animals
  • considering that technologies used by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people require an understanding of how materials can be used to make tools and weapons, musical instruments, clothing, cosmetics and artworks
  • exploring how musical instruments can be used to produce different sounds
  • comparing how different light sources are used in daily life
  • identifying ways that science knowledge is used in the care of the local environment such as animal habitats, and suggesting changes to parks and gardens to better meet the needs of native animals
General capabilities
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
  • Ethical understanding Ethical understanding
ScOT terms

Environmental management,  Technology,  Lifestyles


Learn about carbon offsets with Dirt Girl

Do you know what a carbon footprint is? Join Dirt Girl, Scrap Boy and Costa to find out! In this video, carbon emissions are measured in balloons. The Sydney Opera House measured the carbon footprint of Dirt Girl's recent show. How many balloons worth of carbon did it produce? What did the Sydney Opera House do to offset ...


NSW ecosystems on show

This resource highlights fifteen natural ecosystems found in New South Wales. Each resource has been designed for students investigating ecosystem types in NSW, providing a greater understanding of their location, function, how they are impacted by human activity and how schools and communities can work to protect them. ...


Cats, Dogs and Us: Lesson plans (years 1-2)

This teacher resource is an International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) resource designed to encourage students to examine the physical characteristics and natural behaviours of cats and dogs, and discuss the various ways we live with and care for cats and dogs around the world. It consists of five lesson plans, three ...


Carbon is child's play

Carbon is all around us and makes up every living thing. This unit investigates the basic science of carbon in living things and build awareness of the science of the carbon cycle and its importance to our daily lives and the planet. The unit includes PDF resources and video quiz challenges for teachers and student and ...


Cats, Dogs and Us: Education pack (years 1-2)

This education pack is an International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) resource designed to build students' understanding about the special place domestic cats and dogs have in people's lives. The pack consists of a teaching guide, a student magazine and five student worksheets focusing on topics such as the physical characteristics ...


Aboriginal artefacts from north-western New South Wales, 19th century

This is a collection of 19th-century Aboriginal artefacts from north-western NSW, consisting of one unusual parrying shield, one rare lil-lil club, three incised boomerangs and two fluted fighting clubs.


Telstra T1000C rental telephone, 2003-04

This is a Telstra T1000C rental telephone manufactured by Thomson Telecom Australia between 2003 and 2004. The grey plastic-and-metal telephone features blue push buttons and a spiral cord. There is an LCD screen in the upper right corner above the push buttons. Product information is stamped on the back (not shown).


Apollo 8 space meal package, 1968

This is a space meal package developed for the Apollo 8 mission and prepared in the USA in 1968. It comprises a six-item dinner, including five food items and one drink - all in a sealed clear plastic envelope. One of the food items (probably soup) and the drink are in plastic sachets fitted with two tubes - an eating tube ...


Solar heater designed by Lawrence Hargrave, 1907-12

This is a metal solar heater designed by Lawrence Hargrave between 1907 and 1912. The varnished wooden base comprises two triangular boards: one horizontal and one attached at a 50-degree angle. The base supports a brass rod that sits at a 45-degree angle. Mounted on the end of the rod is a wide metal cone painted silver ...


Steam wagon made by Aveling and Porter, 1920

This is an overtype steam wagon, manufactured from timber and steel by Aveling and Porter in 1920. The side of the wagon reads: 'MUNICIPALITY OF ROCKDALE'. The wagon has a traction-engine locomotive-type boiler with the cylinders and valve gear mounted on top of the boiler. The rear wheels are perforated and staked (the ...


Cable-trailing tramcar, 1894

This is a 16-passenger cable-trailing tramcar that once ran from King Street Wharf to Ocean Street in Sydney. It is painted a deep rich brown, and the exterior is decorated with gold and cream trimmings. The seats are varnished timber. The six windows open inwards and are covered with pulled-down roller blinds. There are ...


Olivetti Lettera 22 typewriter, 1961

This is an Olivetti Lettera 22 typewriter manufactured by Olivetti, Scotland, in 1961. The typewriter is compact with a sleek profile. It is pictured with a hard carry case, instruction manual, original guarantee and receipt, cleaning kit with three brushes, an eraser and packets of Tipp-ex correction paper.


NorthStar Advantage personal computer, early 1980s

This is a NorthStar Advantage 8/16, an integrated personal computer with accessories and software. The computer has a plastic shell that is beige on the sides and brown at the front. There is a glass screen at front left and there are two floppy disk drives, one under the other, to the right. The built-in keyboard slopes ...


Wollongong, c1890

This is a full plate glass negative entitled 'Wollongong', by Kerry and Co, Sydney. The silver gelatin dry plate glass negative in landscape format, taken between 1884 and 1917, depicts Wollongong wharf in Wollongong, New South Wales. A rail system for coal skips is in thecentre foreground of the image, and there are fully ...


The Australian Jockey Club's Sydney Gold Cup, 1950

This is a presentation cup, 'The Sydney Cup of 1950', manufactured from gold, wood, satin and velvet. The trophy consists of a covered gold cup attached to a dark-brown wooden base. The body of the cup is shaped like a tapering vase with fluting toward the bottom. The shining circular cover is slightly domed and finished ...


Dinky cars, buses, aircraft and accessories, 1934-40

This is a set of Dinky Toys metal toy cars, buses, aircraft and accessories, manufactured by Meccano, England between 1934 and 1940. They are die-cast miniatures, and painted in a range of bright colours.


Steam road-roller made by Aveling and Porter, 1922-23

This is a Type D steam road-roller, manufactured from metal by Aveling and Porter in 1922-23. It is similar in appearance to a traction engine, but instead of two front wheels it has two wide rollers set closely together. The two rear wheels have broad flat tyres and act as rear rollers. It features a side-by-side compound ...


Ship model, HMS Supply, escort for First Fleet, 1937-38

This is a 1:24 scale model of HMS armed brig Supply, the armed escort that accompanied the First Fleet from Britain to New South Wales. It is made of wood, cotton and synthetic threads and is complete with masts, yards, tops and standing and running rigging. Deck details include catheads, cleats and bollards, deck rails ...


Bakelite Airzone mantle radio, 1938

This is an Airzone model 5057 'Symphony Leader' radio receiver. The radio cabinet is in a brown bakelite 'tombstone' form with a large circular frequency dial and four brown knobs below the dial. The speaker grille has three segments, which are outlined with rigid, white plastic fittings. Brown-and-white speckled fabric ...


Chairs and table made from vine, 1880-90

This is a 'rustic furniture' setting of four chairs and a small table made from various thicknesses of dark woody vine by Edward Martin, probably at Woonona, New South Wales. The vines have retained their natural twisted and gnarled features. Each piece of furniture uses thicker pieces of vine for the legs and back ends. ...