Design and technologies / Year 9 and 10 / Design and Technologies Knowledge and Understanding

Curriculum content descriptions

Investigate and make judgments on how the principles of food safety, preservation, preparation, presentation and sensory perceptions influence the creation of food solutions for healthy eating (ACTDEK045)

  • experimenting with food preservation methods such as freezing and dehydrating to determine changes to food structure and how these impact on designing healthy food solutions, for example dehydrating fruit for the lunch box
  • conducting sensory assessment testing of a range of foods to determine how these characteristics might be used to enhance food solutions, for example taste testing a variety of milks, comparing freshly squeezed juice to commercial juices
  • determining how the causes of food spoilage can be addressed when preparing, cooking, presenting and storing food items, for example developing a comprehensive checklist of considerations for safe and hygienic food storage and preparation including danger zone temperatures for a food service
  • preparing and presenting foods using a range of techniques to ensure optimum nutrient content, flavour, texture and visual appeal, for example designing and producing a healthy snack for the canteen and using food photography and digital technologies to promote the item in a healthy eating campaign
General capabilities
  • Critical and creative thinking Critical and creative thinking
  • Personal and social capability Personal and social capability
ScOT terms

Food products,  Food technology,  Food preparation,  Food service,  Work health and safety,  Hygiene



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