Health and Physical Education / Year 7 and 8 / Personal, social and community health / Making healthy and safe choices

Curriculum content descriptions

plan and implement strategies, using health resources, to enhance their own and others’ health, safety, relationships and wellbeing (AC9HP8P10)

  • proposing and implementing actions and behaviours that promote safe participation in physical activities, and evaluating the impact participation can have on their own and others’ mood and mental wellbeing
  • investigating food-serving recommendations from The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and producing a guide to help students make healthy choices when buying food from the school canteen
  • researching a variety of snack and lunch options, and evaluating nutritional value, value for money and sustainability to create a weekly menu plan; considering the benefits of eating locally grown, chemical-free produce to support personal health benefits, reduce food miles and support local producers
  • investigating how First Nations Australians have developed complete diets that meet nutritional requirements, and used and continue to use food for medicinal purposes
  • examining how different cultures value the contribution of the mind–body–spirit connection to health and wellbeing; for example, Dadirri – the Aboriginal meditative practice of deep listening developed and shared by First Nations Australians of the Daly River region, and yoga and meditation practices from the Asia region
  • investigating preventive health practices relevant to young people, and designing and implementing health promotion activities targeting these practices
  • investigating tools and designing routines that help to regulate the use of digital environments and tools and ensure a healthy pattern of use, such as using “do not disturb” mode or turning off notifications
  • investigating different approaches and developing personal plans for promoting their own positive mental health and wellbeing, such as mindfulness, relaxation techniques and healthy eating
General capabilities
  • Numeracy Numeracy
  • Literacy Literacy
ScOT terms

Wellbeing,  Health promotion,  Safety,  Social relations


Disability Rights, Inclusion and Sport

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Be on the Safe Side Year 7-8 HPE

This is a unit of work about how to be a safe, active and responsible citizen on and around the rail network. The resource focuses on identifying the hazards and the hazardous behaviours and influences such as emotions and peer pressure that may impact the decisions young people make on and around the rail network. It includes: ...


Be on the Safe Side Year 7-8 The Arts (Drama)

This is a unit of work that uses the concept of rail safety and the setting of the rail network to explore character, roles and situations; there is a particular focus on bullying and the bystander effect. Learning opportunities for students include scripting, performing and revising their own drama. The resource includes: ...


Be on the Safe Side Year 7-8 English

This is a unit of work that uses visual and multimodal texts to promote how to be a safe, active and responsible citizen on and around the rail network. Learning opportunities include identification, comparison, deconstruction and creation of visual and multimodal texts. The resource includes: teacher notes, three learning ...


Creating a yarning circle: yarning and wellbeing

This learning activity will help you make connections between yarning and wellbeing programs, and how you can use yarning circles to support respectful, honest and open communication to promote connectedness among students, particularly using the morning circle routine. It is part of a sequence of 8 individual learning ...


Creating a yarning circle: yarning circle activities

Yarning circles provide opportunities for all to be heard, for discussions to be had and for understandings to be reached. This learning activity provides activity ideas for use in a yarning circle and will support students to develop a calendar for the yarning circle; be empowered to utilise the space regularly and meaningfully; ...


Creating a yarning circle: involving First Nations people

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Assess your classroom environment

Not every classroom is specifically designed to respond to the needs of all students. Using this interactive questionnaire, audit a classroom environment and create a task list of simple changes that can be made to create a more space inclusive for neurodivergent students.


Get ready to learn! Interoception and self-regulation

Interoception (mindful body awareness) refers to the perception, recognition and understanding of the internal physical states. These body signals can be understood as emotions and/or feelings which can then be responded to. Self-regulation is the ability to moderate or control emotions and actions in order to function ...