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Listed under:  Science  >  Life  >  Animal structure and function  >  Body parts  >  Beaks

Kiwi pendant, 19th century

This is a pendant made from 9 carat gold and the beak of a kiwi ('Apteryx' species), a flightless bird unique to New Zealand. The maker is unknown, but it is believed to have been created in the 19th century. At the broad end of the beak is a gold mount with a loop. The mount is inscribed with the Mäori word, Taihoa, meaning ...


Huia beak brooch, c1900

This is a gold-mounted brooch with chain, made from the beak of a female huia ('Heteralocha acutirostris'), a bird native to New Zealand that became extinct in 1907. There is an engraved floral design on the gold mount. At the proximal end of the beak (the end that attached to the bird), there is a scroll and ball ornamentation ...


Nature of Australia - A Separate Creation, 1989: That bizarre creature, the platypus

This clip shows a platypus in the wild, seeking and eating its prey. In the early scenes the platypus emerges from a burrow and moves through the water as the narrator describes some of its distinctive traits. Next, the platypus is shown using its sensitive bill to hunt and then using the horny plates in its mouth to grind ...