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Listed under:  Mathematics  >  Algebra  >  Mathematical expressions  >  Polynomials  >  Binomials
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Solving equations with the distributive property

This is a video demonstration of solving a linear equation by algebraic means. In the commentary, the presenter carefully explains the step-by-step method used to solve this example, which includes use of the distributive law and collecting like terms to simplify the equation. Having found the solution, the presenter verifies ...

Teacher resource

The binomial theorem

This is a teacher resource for the binomial theorem consisting of a website and a PDF with identical content. The website contains a number of screencasts discussing the solutions of exercises. The resource contains an introduction to the binomial theorem and its uses. The result is proved and its relationship to Pascal's ...

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Coordinate geometry

This is a teacher resource for coordinate geometry consisting of a website and a PDF with identical content. The website contains a screencast discussing the solution of an exercise. The resource contains the distance formula; methods for finding the midpoint of two points and dividing an interval in a given ratio; determining ...

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reSolve: Algebra: Sums & Differences of Squares

This sequence of three lessons explores sums and differences of two squares. Students are introduced to the historical context of using lookup tables for multiplications and challenged to investigate and generalise the underlying process using algebraic means. In subsequent lessons students use visual and algebraic methods ...