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Torres Strait canoe, c1988

This wood and bamboo model, made by George Crowly around 1988 and built to a scale of 1:15, represents a traditional canoe of the early 20th century from Mabuiag Island (Jervis Island) in the Bellevue Islands of Torres Strait. The vessel's design means that it was suitable for diverse fishing techniques (nets, harpoons, ...

Interactive resource

Explore the weather [includes spoken instructions]

Choose clothing suited to the weather conditions: sunny, windy, rainy and snowing. Describe today's weather.


'Bananas' cartoon by John Farmer, 2006

This cartoon by John Farmer is about a sudden rise in the cost of bananas and the effect of that increase on Australia's inflation rate. It shows B1 from the ABC television series 'Bananas in Pyjamas' holding a newspaper with the headline 'Bananas responsible for inflation rise'. B1 says to an innocent looking B2, 'What ...


The Balanda and the Bark Canoes, 2006: Swamp canoes

This clip shows Indigenous people from the Ramingining region in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory rediscovering the old ways of making bark canoes. The immense significance of this rediscovery to the people is explained by Rolf de Heer in voice-over. To make the canoe, which is to be used in de Heer's film 'Ten Canoes', ...


The Sharkcallers of Kontu, 1982: 'Special power'

This clip depicts shark calling on New Ireland in Papua New Guinea. A Kontu villager sits in front of his house and expresses his fear that the skill of calling the sharks for men to kill has been lost with the death of the last shark caller. A young man is then shown at sea in a narrow outrigger canoe, thumping the water ...


Weather - early years

This collection of 25 digital curriculum resources is organised into four categories: thunderstorms; extreme weather events and conditions; studying, predicting and influencing weather patterns; and clothing suitable for particular weather conditions. This collection demonstrates different weather conditions and some of ...



This collection of ten digital curriculum resources about tsunamis is organised into four categories: aftermath of the 2004 tsunami; victim identification; developing ideas to assist tsunami survivors; and tectonic plates. There are images of destruction in Banda Aceh and Thailand, and of a scientist displaying DNA results ...



This collection of 18 digital curriculum resources is organised into four categories - active volcanoes, effects of volcanic eruptions, a volcano on Mars, and tectonic plates. There are images of well-known active volcanoes and volcanic effects, learning objects that enable investigation of tectonic forces and plate movements ...

Teacher resource

The big dry - unit of work

In this unit of work students identify and examine the reasons for and the effects of drought in Australia. They examine historical patterns of drought and the global weather patterns that influence climate in Australia. Students look at the broad effects of drought on Australian society and compare different drought-management ...

Teacher resource

What a disaster - unit of work

Students investigate and explain how the landscape is shaped by nature, and the difference between a 'harmless' event and one that is termed a 'disaster'. They investigate the cause and effects of a particular phenomenon and offer an explanation of these. They also develop advertising materials for implementing emergency ...


Boats at Sorrento

This is a black-and-white silent film clip showing two canoes, one with a small sail, and two larger boats crowded with people at Sorrento, a popular holiday resort within half a day's travel from Melbourne. It comes from the 1922 film, 'Sorrento', showing the area's attractions for tourists.


Guthega Dam wall - asset 1

This is a 1954 photograph of the construction of the concrete dam wall at Guthega, 15 kilometres north-east of Mount Kosciuszko, in the Snowy Mountains. The wall is being constructed in sections. Power cables are suspended across the valley, and two figures stand on top of a building to the left. Water sits in small ponds ...


Canoeing on the upper Snowy River in 1947

This is short excerpt from a 1947 colour home movie entitled 'Canoeing the Upper Snowy: a tale of woe and much water'. It shows the Snowy River before the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme began construction. The first scene shows two canoeists paddling in mild rapids and the second scene shows three men standing on ...


Arawa soldier, 1865

This is a watercolour painting created by British soldier Horatio Gordon Robley (1840-1930) in 1865. He called it 'Arawa soldier warning off'. It shows a Mäori warrior with a moko (skin marking) on his face and a moko puhoro (marking on leg or thigh) on his left thigh. He wears a form of traditional clothing made of either ...


Snowy Mountains Scheme worker, 1957 - asset 3

This is a black-and-white photograph showing a worker rolling a 44-gallon drum at the Guthega Dam on the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme in 1957.


Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme worker, 1957 - asset 1

This is a black-and-white photograph of a worker beside a small machine at the Guthega Dam on the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme in 1957.


Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme worker, 1957 - asset 2

This is a posed black-and-white photograph of a Norwegian worker moving snow from the entrance to a shed at the Guthega Dam on the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme in 1957.


Man making a snowman in Canberra, 1929

This is a black-and-white photograph of a man with a handful of snow kneeling beside a snowman, complete with a brimmed hat made of snow. The photograph was taken on the Billabong Bridge on Commonwealth Avenue after a record fall of snow in 1929. Snow to a depth of 1-2 cm can be seen on the road.


Walking in the snow in the 1930s

This is an excerpt from a silent black-and-white home movie made in the 1930s. It shows a large party of men and women walking on a snow-covered path through the Australian bush. Most are wearing woollen scarves, hats and jumpers, and none carries a backpack. They are smiling and waving at the camera. Some are carrying ...


Ice-skating at Mt Buffalo in the 1930s - asset 1

This is an excerpt from a silent black-and-white home movie made around 1930. It shows a woman ice-skating on a frozen lake in the Victorian Alps. She wears a knee-length skirt that twirls with her figure-skating movements. She performs turns and spins, and moves with considerable skill.