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Teacher resource

On the farm - unit of work

In this unit of work, students explore the characteristics of farm animals so they can begin to write descriptive text. This unit is particularly aimed at ESL (NESB) students and those who have limited experience of the world beyond their immediate lives. Students have regular opportunities to listen to and use correct ...


Miners' shanties at Lightning Ridge, c1925

This is an excerpt from a silent documentary of about 1925 probably entitled 'Opal mining, Lightning Ridge'. The excerpt begins with the intertitle 'Types of shanties occupied by miners'. This is followed by footage of three homes, each with activity taking place in the foreground. A second intertitle, 'More profitable, ...

Teacher resource

Investigating eggs in stories and science

This is a unit of inquiry consisting of 12 learning sequences for year 2 in the English for the Australian Curriculum resource. Each learning sequence contains a series of resources, suggested activities to carry out with students and a post-activity reflection. Students will use everyday language and topic-specific vocabulary ...

Moving Image

Out to pasture: the future of farming?

This is a short film about the future of farming animals using sustainable agricultural methods including pasture-based models. The film profiles several different farmers and includes information and images of conventional farming methods; pasture-based farming methods, how conventional farmers view pasture-based farmers; ...

Moving Image

BBSRC: What lives inside a chicken?

This is a pair of videos accompanied by detailed text and still images showing the chicken microbiome research project conducted by Professor Mark Pallen. The first video explains the focus of the research - the metagenomic analysis of the bacteria that live in the two caeca of a chicken's gut. The second focuses on the ...

Moving Image

ACMF: Farm visit

This resource is a web page providing information about commercial chicken meat farming in Australia. It explains that meat chickens are not raised in cages but are kept in large barns, and provides a link to further information on the different farming systems used in growing meat chickens. The resource features a film ...


ACMF: Effects of selective breeding

This resource is a web page providing information about an experiment on the growth rate of different chicken breeds carried out by students at James Ruse Agricultural High School in NSW, which shows the influence of selective breeding on chicken weight. It includes a side-by-side column graph comparing the weight of egg ...

Interactive Resource

All about eggs: Where do eggs come from?

This interactive lesson teaches students about egg-laying animals, with a particular focus on chickens. Students will identify categories of animals and the quantity and appearance of their eggs. They will represent data relating to hens and eggs laid on farms in Australia and discover why egg farming is important. They ...