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Magic lantern glass slide, Brussels, late 19th century

This is a glass slide for use in a magic lantern projector. It is a colour image of Brussels, Belgium, and it was made in the late 19th century.


The weather

This is a collection of digital activities and printable worksheets for the Italian language curriculum that focuses on discussing what the weather is like and expressing likes and dislikes regarding climate conditions. It uses expressions such as 'Che tempo fa?', 'Fa caldo?', 'Fa freddo?', 'Oggi fa ...' and 'Mi piace ...


Aerial view of Melbourne, facing south-west towards Port Phillip Bay from East Melbourne, 1967

This is a colour image from the original negative depicting an aerial view of Melbourne, looking south-west from the Fitzroy/East Melbourne area towards the bay. Visible landmarks include the Yarra River, Flinders Street railyards, St Patrick's Cathedral, Fitzroy Gardens and St Vincent's Hospital, along with various office ...


Stereoview of a bullock team in George St, Sydney, 1863

This item consists of two paper, albumen, silver and ink photographic prints, which have been mounted next to one another on a card to form a stereo image. The prints show a bullock team and cart holding two large sandstone blocks standing by the curb in front of three-storey buildings in George Street, Sydney. Canvas awnings ...


Pablo Diaz waiting for tram, corner Queen and Bourke streets, Melbourne, c1980

This is a colour photograph showing Pablo Diaz waiting at a tram stop at the corner of Queen and Bourke streets, Melbourne. Pablo is wearing brown overalls with a blue T-shirt. A sign on a building to the left says 'NEAT & TRIM' and another to the right reads 'Hotham'. The image is a digital scan of the original photograph.


Revision: pets

This collection of interactive and printable resources revises consolidating vocabulary and language functions to describe pets and discuss locations. It focuses on matching questions and answers, and on mastering the pronunciation and spelling of core vocabulary and expressions. The printable worksheets provide opportunities ...


Where do you live?

This collection of digital and printable resources introduces ways of asking and saying where you live, and the names for some principal Italian cities. It begins with listening drills, which contain a song, and continues with simple comprehension exercises in basic contexts. Translations, solutions and vocabulary flashcards ...


Revision: school

This collection of digital and printable resources revises the vocabulary and language functions used in salutations and personal introductions, inclusive of name, age, place of residence and school grade. It provides exercises that require students to apply knowledge in both set conversations and their own, as well as ...


Tulum, an ancient Mayan city

Discover the remains of Tulum, a city that was once a busy port for a civilisation that thrived in Mexico for centuries. In this clip from an ABC Foreign Correspondent program, reporter Jane Cowan scales the heights of the Coba pyramid and recounts some of the history of the Mayan people who built it.


Laptop wrap – improving liveability

A page with a focus on using geographical data to plan for future community needs, with supporting activities and links to resources.


Foodprint Melbourne

This unit of work is about land use, food supply and food security in the city of Melbourne. In particular, the resource asks students to consider whether Melbourne will have a secure food supply in 2050 in the context of population growth, climate change and declining supplies of the natural resources that underpin food ...