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Prince Philip opens new mint, 1965 - asset 1

This is a clip taken from the beginning of an item in the black-and-white Movietone News newsreel released to cinemas on 25 February 1965. The clip opens with a musical fanfare and the title 'ROYAL TOUR: PRINCE PHILIP OPENS NEW MINT' is overlaid on footage of working machinery. The item begins with a long shot of the Royal ...


Prince Philip opens new mint, 1965 - asset 2

This is a clip taken from the second half of an item in the black-and-white Movietone News newsreel released to cinemas on 25 February 1965. The item is titled 'Royal tour: Prince Philip opens new mint'. The excerpt shows the coin-making machinery in operation in the Royal Australian Mint, Canberra. The Federal Treasurer, ...

Teacher resource

TIMES Module 1: Number and Algebra: counting and place value - teacher guide

This is a 16-page guide for teachers. It is a module introducing the concept of place value.

Teacher resource

TIMES Module 5: Number and Algebra: using place value to write numbers - teacher guide

This is a 16-page guide for teachers. a module that introduces place value.

Teacher resource

TIMES Module 25: Number and Algebra: special expansions and algebraic fractions - teacher guide

This is a 21-page guide for teachers. It introduces pronumerals and their uses. Algebraic notation is discussed. It includes substitution, adding like terms, expanding two or more sets of brackets, the difference of squares, and algebraic fractions.

Moving Image

How to communicate numbers with Roman numerals

Explore an alternative way to communicate numbers using the anchor numbers 5 and 10 and the ancient Roman counting system based on letters. Roman numerals were used throughout Europe well into the middle ages and still appear in the names of monarchs, the production year of films, on buildings and on timepieces.

Interactive resource

Fashion design: studio

Explore how a fashion company works to design a range of clothes. Choose words to complete a description about tools of the trade. Answer questions about the roles of three departments within the company: market research, advertising and quality control. As you go, look up the meaning of tricky words. This learning object ...


Marine phytoplankton diatom

This is a coloured scanning electron microscope photograph of 'Coscinodiscus' species, a marine phytoplankton diatom, magnified 600 times. The image shows the diatom's natural colours.


Photosynthetic phytoplankton

This is an image of a light micrograph of four specimens of 'Euglena sp', a photosynthetic phytoplankton. The image shows specimens of different shapes and sizes against a 100-micrometre scale. Clearly visible are the dark nuclei, cellular membrane and other internal cellular structures.


Coloured scanning electron micrograph of a diatom

This colour photograph of an aquatic diatom was taken with the help of a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Diatoms are enclosed in a rigid silicon frustule consisting of two halves. Each species of diatom has its own distinctive shape and surface-patterned frustule.


C Y O'Connor's suicide note, 1902

This is a note written by Charles Yelverton O'Connor, Engineer-in-Chief of Western Australia with overall responsibility for the Coolgardie Water Scheme. It was presented as evidence at the inquest into his death in 1902. The note is handwritten and contains some deletions and a postscript.


Prahran 3181: Swimming in the Backyard, 2001: Adoption

This clip shows a woman, Dael, at the Prahran swimming pool in Melbourne, as she talks about how she and her husband, Fred, arrived at the decision to adopt their Korean son, Joel. They had difficulty conceiving and had opted for in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment. Dael describes the IVF experience as stressful, especially ...