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Listed under:  Science  >  Forces and energy  >  Energy conversion  >  Energy storage  >  Batteries  >  Electrodes
Interactive resource

Galvanic cells: cell design

Set up and observe the spontaneous redox reaction that occurs between copper metal and silver nitrate solution when they are in direct contact. Then find out how this reaction can be used to generate an electric current. Set up the galvanic cell that utilises this reaction and observe what happens at the anode and the cathode. ...

Interactive resource

Galvanic cells: cell reactions

Set up different galvanic cells as specified in given conventional cell notations. Find out the type of reaction that can be used in a galvanic cell, the energy change that occurs and how to interpret conventional cell notation. For each cell, observe the reactions at the anode and cathode at both the physical level and ...

Interactive resource

Galvanic cells: electrochemical series

View six galvanic cells built from six different combinations of half-cells of copper, zinc, iron and silver. Observe how the voltmeter needle moves when the circuit is complete, and deduce the direction of electron flow in the external circuit and the polarity of the electrodes. Deduce and record which of the two metals ...

Interactive resource

Electrolytic cells: molten salts

Investigate the electrolysis of three molten salts in electrolytic cells where there is only one oxidant and one reductant present. Find out the type of reaction that can be driven by supplying electrical energy, and the reasons behind the cell design. Observe the melting of the electrolyte prior to turning on the power. ...