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Biofuels – From Sorghum to Ethanol (video)

This is a video [6:05 min] about the production of ethanol from sorghum at the Dalby Bio-Refinery in Queensland. The video describes and illustrates the stages in the production process including milling the sorghum into ‘flour’; mixing the flour with water to hydrolyse the starch; adding enzymes to liquefy the starch (the ...


Sites2See: Sustainable transport

A single web page resource developed with the NRMA containing links to sites and other resources about hybrid vehicles, low emission fuels and sustainable transport.



This is a unit of work about ethanol and other biofuels. The unit revises students understanding of the carbon cycle and renewable and non-renewable fuel sources. The inquiry focuses on a series of experiments that examine the effect of temperature on the fermentation of yeast and to determine the flash point of ethanol ...


Ethanol molecule

This is a colour image of a model of a molecule of ethanol, CH₃CH₂OH. In this model, atoms are represented by coloured spheres held together by grey rods that represent covalent bonds. The molecule contains two carbon atoms (the black spheres), one oxygen atom (the red sphere) and six hydrogen atoms (the grey-white spheres).