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Listed under:  Arts  >  Visual arts  >  Painting  >  Watercolour painting  >  Gouache

'The musician', 1901

This is a very large watercolour (105.7 cm x 100.5 cm) painted in 1901 by William Blamire Young (1862-1935). It shows a music lesson in progress, with two youths playing a piano in the presence of a music teacher. The composition has been arranged so that the teacher and the piano occupy most of the image, with the youths' ...


'Bridge work, Burma-Thailand Railway', 1946

This ink, pen and pencil gouache drawing on paper shows prisoners of the Japanese working to build the Burma-Thailand Railway in Thailand during the Second World War. Five men in the foreground, managed by a skeletal comrade, strain up a compacted mud rise bearing a heavy log that will be hewn into bridge supports, planks ...