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Exercises at Fairbridge Farm School

This is a black-and-white silent film clip taken from a documentary about a Fairbridge Farm School in the late 1920s. It shows three scenes. The first is of children marching past a drummer and then past the camera. The second shows children marching towards the camera on marked lines and the third is a highly organised ...


Vaulting gymnast from 'The Australian Way', 1969

This is a black-and-white photograph of gymnast leaping from a mini trampoline onto a vault. The exercise is being watched by other gymnasts and is taking place outdoors on a sportsground or school oval.


Spirit 2000 - Countdown to Sydney, 1998: Pressure to perform

This clip shows primary-school-aged female gymnasts at the elite Western Australian and Victorian Institutes of Sport as they train, motivated by the chance to compete in the 2000 Olympic Games. The clip is filmed over the course of two years, 1994 and 1996, and documents the changing attitudes of two of the young gymnasts ...


Australian Olympic gymnast performing a floor routine, 1956

This is a black-and-white photograph showing the Australian gymnast, Inge Fraser, competing in the floor routine at Melbourne North Stadium (now Festival Hall). The photograph was taken on 5 December 1956, Day 12 of competition in the Melbourne Olympic Games. The negative measures 9.5 cm x 12.0 cm.