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Listed under:  Arts  >  Design  >  Architecture  >  Buildings (Structures)  >  Housing  >  Accommodation  >  Hotels

Flyer about the New South Wales smoking bans in hotels and clubs, 2005

This is a single A5 page information flyer 'NSW Govt Smoking Bans: Frequently Asked Questions' published in 2005 by the Golden Barley Hotel, in Enmore, NSW. It is printed in black on one side of a white paper sheet. The 'No Smoking' logo and the Golden Barley Hotel logo are printed either side of the heading. Questions ...


Southern Cross Hotel, Melbourne, 1969

This is a black-and-white image from the original negative looking south-west across the Melbourne skyline. The long building in the centre is the Southern Cross Hotel. Moving to its left, the tall buildings are the Gas and Fuel building and the CRA Building. In the centre background is Park Towers, a high-rise public housing ...


Opening of a new bar at Hotel London, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, c1950

This is a black-and-white image from a negative depicting the opening of a new bar at the Hotel London on Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, in around 1950. It shows a crowd of men dressed in suits, many wearing hats, drinking glasses of beer and talking or posing for the photograph. Behind the bar are three women bartenders, ...


Exterior view of People's Palace, Bourke Street, Melbourne, 1940s

This is a black-and-white photograph showing the People's Palace, the Salvation Army hotel in Bourke Street, Melbourne, between Spring Street and Exhibition Street. Above the building is the sign, 'THE / PEOPLE'S PALACE'. Partially visible to the left is 'ACCOMMODATION'. The image is a digital scan of the original photograph.


Token penny, W D Wood, c1854

Token pennies (trade tokens)like this one often advertised the business of the token issuer. The coin is 34 mm in diameter.


Carlton Ale advertisement from 1907

This is a black-and-white photograph with the text 'I allus has wan at eleven' advertising Carlton Ale, which was registered by the printer, Edgar Newlands, for artistic copyright in 1907. The photograph, taken in the late 1890s, shows Sam Knott, a gold prospector and bush worker, drinking a Carlton Ale at the McVeigh Hotel ...


Australia Today - Lucky Strike … and Other Segments, 1938: The fatal hour

This black-and-white newsreel clip shows a comic depiction of two men working on a building site. One checks his watch and they rush to a pub before the doors are closed at 6 pm. The men are permitted to enter the pub and are given 20 minutes' drinking time before being asked to leave. The men drink quickly and then leave ...


Real Chinese - Finding and booking a hotel

This is a web page. It presents a slideshow on how to enquire about hotel accommodation availability and rates. Each slide is in pinyin accompanied by Chinese audio and a graphic, with options to show an English translation only, or the audio only. The resource also has a video in Chinese and English that reinforces the ...