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Listed under:  Health  >  Safety  >  Accidents  >  Injuries

Alicia, 1996: God is love

This clip shows a neurosurgeon speaking about Alicia Liley, and the part that modern medicine played in her recovery. In separate sequences Alicia, her father and her mother describe how they believe the family's collective faith helped Alicia pull through, even after the doctors warned that her chances of survival were ...


Hairy flower wasps

This is an information sheet which describes hairy flower wasps, Family Scoliidae, and gives information about their appearance, distribution, behaviour and life cycle.


Life stages of the European wasp

This is an information sheet about the egg, larval, pupal and adult stages of the European wasp, 'Vespula germanica'. It also describes what happens to the wasp population over the course of the year.


European wasps as pests in Australia

This is an information sheet that describes why European wasps are pests in Australia, the health effects their stings can have, and the recommended first aid for stings.


Victoria's huntsman spiders

This is an information sheet on the three types of huntsman spiders found in Victoria. It contains descriptions, information on habitat and biology, and images.


Victorian funnel-web spider

This is an information sheet on the Victorian funnel-web spider ('Hadronyche modesta').


Red-back spider

This is an information sheet on the red-back spider ('Latrodectus hasseltii').


White-tailed spider

This is an information sheet on the white-tailed spider ('Lampona cylindrata').


Melbourne trapdoor spider

This is an information sheet on the Melbourne trapdoor spider ('Stanwellia').

Interactive resource

The Circle: doctor

Look at medical support in Antarctica. Explore how medical emergencies arise and are handled. Consider the importance of telecommunications in isolated areas. Examine the treatment and prevention of frostbite. This learning object is one in a series of eight learning objects.

Interactive resource

Zou ba! The body: injuries

Explore Chinese words for parts of the body. Find out how to ask someone where they are hurt or injured. This learning object is one in a series of four objects.

Interactive resource

Zou ba! The body: body temperature

Listen to a conversation between a doctor and her patients. Find out what advice the doctor gives them to improve their health. For example, the doctor reports that a person has a high temperature of 39.5 degrees Celsius and directs the patient to take some medicine. This learning object is one in a series of four objects.

Interactive resource

Aches and pains: breaks and fractures

Find out what human bones are made of and why they sometimes break. Learn how the body repairs broken bones, and how healing can be helped with slings or fibreglass casts. Learn about different types of breaks such as a 'greenstick fracture' and 'stress fracture'. Test your knowledge by matching words with their meanings. ...


Poisonous animals

This collection of 17 digital curriculum resources contains a diverse array of poisonous animals that have been organised into four categories – arachnids, marine invertebrates, vertebrates and insects. Some animals in the collection are highly toxic to humans and others are poisonous only to their potential predators. ...


Musculo-skeletal and nervous systems

This collection contains 15 digital curriculum resources. It is organised into four categories - structure and function of the musculo-skeletal system; structure and function of the nervous system; disorders or injuries of the musculo-skeletal and nervous systems; and treatments for disorders of the nervous system. The ...

Interactive resource

Fiona Wood

This is a student resource in slideshow format about Western Australian plastic and reconstructive surgeon Fiona Wood and her groundbreaking work with burns victims. Text on screen describes her background, the research that led to a spray-on skin repair technique and the work of her team at Royal Perth Hospital in treating ...


German prisoners of war

This is an excerpt from a silent documentary made in 1916, entitled 'World War I: Australian troops in the Middle East and France'. It shows wounded German soldiers in France, walking through bare, war-ravaged countryside, and taking a meal break, possibly near a wheat field.


Simpson with his donkey at Gallipoli, 1915 - asset 1

This is a black-and-white photograph taken in 1915, which shows Private John Simpson Kirkpatrick (John Simpson) of the 3rd Australian Field Ambulance, leading a donkey carrying a wounded soldier through Shrapnel Gully at Gallipoli, Turkey, during the First World War. On the right of the photograph two soldiers are shown ...


A field hospital in the Second World War, 1940s

This is a black-and-white photograph measuring 12.0 cm x 16.5 cm, taken in the 1940s during the Second World War, showing a tent field hospital. There are convalescing soldiers in iron beds, an orderly and two female nurses. One of the soldiers has a bandage around his head. The photograph was taken by the famous Australian ...


Business behind Bars, 2000: Prison listener scheme

This clip shows Harry Papadopoulos, a prisoner in Port Phillip Prison, discussing the prison listener scheme and the reasons for its success. He explains that it allows prisoners to befriend and listen to other prisoners who feel vulnerable or suicidal or are worrying about personal problems such as upcoming court cases, ...