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Listed under:  Science  >  Forces and energy  >  Mechanical energy  >  Motion  >  Fluid flow  >  Lift (Aerodynamic)
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Yulunga: wirrwuyu

As in various other cultures, stone skipping (throwing) along a surface of water was played by Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. On Dunk Island in Queensland, the throwing of cuttle-fish (krooghar) bones was observed. The bones were thrown along the surface of the water like ‘skipping stones’ and ...

Teacher resource

NASA's launchpad: the great boomerang challenge

This is a resource for educators detailing the learning sequence for a boomerang design challenge in which students design and construct a returning boomerang, allowing for the greatest flight distance relative to the accuracy of boomerang return. Students think and act like engineers and scientists as they complete the ...